Monday, December 5, 2016

Holland tried to settle accounts with the reshuffle – The World

In the event of the resignation of Manuel Valls, who must announce Monday his candidacy for the socialist primaries, the president should appoint a loyal prime minister to finish his five-year term.

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François Hollande, in Abu Dhabi, on December 3.

” President I was president, I am president I will be. Nothing has changed, “, slid, François Hollande, Saturday, December 3, before leaving the soil of the united arab Emirates to return to Paris. The government reshuffle which is announced in the next few days – it could take place Tuesday or Wednesday – will be the opportunity to prove it.

The president’s entourage has indicated that the choice of the head of the government is to succeed Manuel Valls, after that it will be the candidate in the socialist primaries, shall be filed only in the will of the president. A way to imply that Mr. Valls will not have its word to say as to the identity of his successor.

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The last prime minister of the quinquennium must meet specific criteria in the spirit of Mr. Holland : ” Efficiency, cohesion and trust “, a list of his entourage. But the names that are circulating show that the president of the Republic, during the last five months of his term and then no more text matter must be discussed in the Parliament, has not necessarily the intention of forming a government which could help Mr Valls in the primary.

Settle up accounts

So, Jean-Yves Le Drian does not seem in the best position to move to Matignon. His role at the ministry of defence remains key, while France is still engaged in the fight against terrorism in Syria and Iraq. In addition, he is also chair of the region of Brittany. Combine with Matignon would be a bad effect for a president who prides himself on having led the reform of the non-cumulation of mandates. But above all, Mr Le Drian has pushed for the head of State does not, preferring Mr. Valls. An inclination which he could suffer. the ” Valls would rather that this is The Drian, not sure Holland will make him this pleasure “, explained this weekend a friend of the head of State.

The favorite for the prime minister remains the minister of the interior, Bernard Cazeneuve. But leaving the Place Beauvau while the risk of an attack remains high, is a problem. To the point that the assumption of accumulate exceptionally the two functions has been studied. To succeed him on the inside, other names are however mentioned, such as the mayor of Dijon, François Rebsamen, or the minister of agriculture, Stéphane Le Foll. Two faithful of the head of State. Mr Le Foll is also quoted to the prime minister, as the minister of social affairs, Marisol Touraine, or even the minister of education, Najat Vallaud-Belkacem.

a Sign that Mr Hollande could lead to accounts on the occasion of the redesign, the maintenance of ministers of PRG is asked, after the announcement of the candidacy for the presidency of Sylvia Pinel. As well as that of Jean-Marie Le Guen, secretary of State for relations with Parliament, and very close to Mr Valls. the ” Holland wants to have around him people he can totally trust, “ prevents a of his interlocutors, who adds, acid : ” it’s Unfortunate that Ayrault had already been prime minister, or it could be the small dab of Holland on the shoulder of Valls, to tell him that he never forgets. “


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