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Manuel Valls or the transgression erected as a political weapon – The Figaro

Back on ten outputs burst that have marked the political career of the enfant terrible of the PS.

Long considered a maverick in the PS, the elected Evry made himself known by his word iconoclastic. Or how transgression has become a political weapon. In a few years, Manuel Valls installed the image of an elected social-democrat drawing a left “pragmatic, reformist and republican,” as he declares in an interview with the Obs, in October 2014. It does not use the term socialist…

1. “Some white, some white, some blancos”

The general public discovered the June 7, 2009 after the broadcast of a report on Direct 8. At the time, the mayor of Evry visiting a flea market in his city forgets his microphone crave sighs: “Beautiful image of the city of Evry…” and then ask a close advisor of him to put “some white, some white, some blancos”. The video made the rounds of the web. The controversy swells, including within the PS where many elected officials denounced “a skid outrageous”. Valls takes up and justifies his remarks by a desire for “social diversity”. In his eyes, “what killed part of the Republic, it is the ghettoisation, the social segregation, territorial, ethnic.” The corpus of ideological Manuel Valls is already there.

2. PS… this name is “above and beyond”

Valls has always claimed, and left to put all the leaders of the PS-to-back, starting with Martine Aubry. A week after the defeat of the socialists in the european elections of June 2009, Valls made a exit noted in an interview with South West, explaining that the name of the SP is “outdated”. “It is necessary to fundamentally transform the functioning of the PS, we exceed, change everything: the name, because the word socialism is without a doubt exceeded. It refers to conceptions of the Nineteenth century”. The word “party”, which trapped “in something close”, he explains, Valls said he preferred the term “movement”. This is not a new idea. He had already developed a year earlier in his book, To finish with the old socialism… and finally to be left. In 2008, he wrote: “socialism, it was a wonderful idea, a beautiful utopia. But it was a utopia invented against the capitalism of the Nineteenth c entury!”

3. Renew the software alliances

For the regional 2009, Valls said that the PS must switch to the Modem of François Bayrou. No alliances with the left of the left, it is necessary to update the software, he says. What make you scream rue de Solferino. Valls took the opportunity to say a little more than an online social-democrat, at that time in the minority, PS, and refines its strategy: to be at the centre of the game and especially at the political centre of his family. In 2014, he reiterates, denouncing “sectarianism” of his fellow socialists that his eyes have “committed the mistake of not reaching out to François Bayrou” in the name “of an alleged purity.”

4. Unlock the 35 hours

In January 2011, a candidate in the primary, Valls defends a program diametrically opposed to that of his fellow socialists… starting by explaining that it is necessary to “unlock the 35 hours”. And to add, in passing, that the reform put in place by Martine Aubry was “outdated”. The opportunity, however, to be heard beyond the activists of the PS. Three years later, Valls this time prime minister is in the same logic when he declares at the summer university of the Medef: “I love the company!”. Standing ovation for the occasion.

5. Removal of the EWB

Still in full primary of the PS, Valls attacked the ISF but not like the PS would have imagined… In his book programmatic The Energy of change, it offers “without taboo” of “delete the ISF useless as there is little cost – (only 0.15% of GDP), and a source of inequity between the upper middle class wage earners and heads of business or the professions”.

6. “Roma are destined to return to Romania or Bulgaria”

September 2013. Valls triggered a controversy beyond the PS. Guest of the morning of France Inter, he explains that “the Roma are destined to return to Romania or Bulgaria”, adding that “these populations have ways of life extremely different from ours”. His colleague of Housing Cécile Duflot denounces these remarks and calling on the president of the Republic. According to her, Valls “puts in jeopardy the pact republican”. In speaking thus, Valls believes that relay the feeling of local elected officials many of whom have expressed their sense of powerlessness and even anger. On a completely different topic, the arrested anti-burkinis, at the end of August 2016, Manuel Valls chooses again to be the voice of the elect, leaving to stand in a door-to-fake with his political family.

7. “Explain, this is a little want to apologize”

While France has been experiencing a series of terrorist attacks, Manuel Valls broke with the traditional positions of the PS. After the attacks of November 2015, the prime minister, in the Senate, said “having enough of those who are consistently seeking an apology or explanation of cultural or sociological what happened”. January 9, 2016, in full tribute to the victims of the Hyper Hide, it reaffirms even more strongly: “there can be no explanation that is good enough. Because explain jihadism, “he pointed out, it is already to want a little excuse”. Uproar among researchers who say not to want to “excuse” but want to “understand”.

8. “No more refugees”

While he is in Germany, in Munich, on February 13, 2016, precisely there where Angela Merkel has opened widely the borders, Manuel Valls said to the German press that France can “not welcome more refugees”. Not only Valls irritates the German chancellor that tastes that little reminder at home, but the prime minister braque also socialists and associations for support to refugees… It is estimated in the same time that “Europe must regain control of its borders and its policy on migration and asylum”. Valls plays the firmness in drawing a profile more different from that of François Hollande.

9. The left “irreconcilable”

In full public meeting with his followers in Corbeil-Essonnes, on the 15th of last February, Manuel Valls loose a phrase that could stick to the skin in this next presidential campaign. “Sometimes, there are positions irreconcilable to the left and it is necessary to pay it”. As of 2008, he had already expressed: between the left, “behind the times,” that “lacked imagination” and that he wanted to represent, there was a gap.

10. The Marianne not “veiled”

full speech at a meeting of the PS in the Haute-Garonne, at the end of August 2016, Manuel Valls fate of his speeches and just make this statement: “On the role of women we cannot compromise. Marianne, the symbol of the Republic, it was the naked breast because it feeds the people, it is not veiled because it is free! This is the Republic! That’s Marianne!” Words that make a jump to the left but which enables him to give a little more support its demonstration of a “totalitarian islamist”, it is necessary to “fight and defeat”. Manuel Valls is the theme of the Republic, persuaded that she will be at the heart of the next presidential election.


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