Tuesday, January 17, 2017

A ministerial meeting convened for the cold – The World

The meeting will focus on ” the implementation of the plan grand froid “. The temperatures expected on Wednesday will be between 5 °C and 10 °C below the normal season.

Bernard Cazeneuve has called for an increase of the possibilities of in need of emergency shelter, during a visit to the Samu Social in Ivry-sur-Seine on Tuesday.

The cold wave invites Wednesday, January 18, at the Elysée for a ministerial meeting on the prevention measures to be applied while frosts very short of the normal season should be extended to the whole country. Wednesday morning, it should be between -3 and -8 degrees in the land, -9 to -12, and sometimes less in the mountains according to Météo France.

The tip of brittany, hitherto relatively unscathed, is going to be seized by the cold of winter : the region was to see the mercury go below 0° (-1° expected at Brest in the morning about 1° Tuesday). This bitter cold is expected to persist until Thursday, which ” could be average of the day the more cold “ of this episode, said Tuesday evening Etienne Kapikian, a forecaster at Meteo France.

This ” good cold “, with temperatures from 5 °C to 10 °C below the normal season, however, should not be as intense, nor as long, as the fortnight frigid February 2012, according to the organization of forecasting.

This does not prevent the authorities to display their vigilance : the president François Hollande will preside over this Wednesday at 8: 45 a ministerial meeting on ” the implementation of the plan grand froid “, in the presence of the prime minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, and the ministers of the environment, housing, and social affairs and of the interior Ségolène Royal, Emmanuelle Cosse, Marisol Touraine, Bruno Le Roux.

maraudes reinforced

During a visit to the SAMU Social in Ivry-sur-Seine, Tuesday evening, Bernard Cazeneuve, has called for an increase in opportunities for emergency accommodation. Since Saturday, the government has put in place a ” pilotage daily “ to anticipate the needs in the departments.

In the Gironde for example, 70 additional beds were made available, and the 115, the maraudes, fire brigade, gendarmerie and police have been strengthened. In Charente-Maritime, where a HOMELESS person died of cold at the end of December, 78 additional spaces have been provided. In Lyon, it is 200 seats. In the Indre-et-Loire and the Loiret, the maraudes have been strengthened, as in the Ariège, where the temperature felt (in the wind) was supposed to reach -12 °C.

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The lifeless body of a HOMELESS person, at the age of fifty years, was discovered Tuesday in the garden of a flag of Seine-Saint-Denis, according to a police source, who noted, however, ” ignore if this death was due to the cold wave “.

In Corsica, the vigilance orange snow-ice has been lifted Wednesday at 6 hours but the majority of schools will remain closed.

The south is worried about his gas supply

On electricity, France will be sufficiently stocked on Wednesday, but the situation remains ” under strong vigilance “ for the following days even if no outage is planned at this stage, ” said the manager of the Reseau de Transport d’electricité (RTE).

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” solidarity “, the City of Paris announced that it reduced its electricity consumption in order to limit the strain on the network, by turning off the exterior lighting of 230 public buildings as early as Tuesday evening.

On the other hand, the south was experiencing a situation ” quite alarming “ for its gas supply, due to the virtual halt in deliveries from Algeria, said the manager, GRTgaz. The situation may be more tender with the extension of the cold to the west.


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