Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Double murder of Montigny-lès-Metz : Henri Leclaire put out of the question – LCI

JUSTICE – The Court of cassation has validated this Tuesday, the non-place which had been granted Henri Leclaire in the double murder of Montigny-lès-Metz. After years of suspicions, which have soiled,” according to the words of his lawyer, the pensioner is permanently put out of the question. Francis Heaulme will be alone to answer for the crimes before the criminal court next spring.

Henri Leclaire is definitely out of the question. The Court of cassation has validated this Tuesday, the non-place which had been granted to this former handler of 68 years in the case of the double murder of Montigny-lès-Metz. Ultimate rebound of a never-ending marathon court in a criminal case is 30-year-old, and that should finally find its epilogue before the assize court of the Moselle in the spring of next year. The serial killer Francis Heaulme will therefore be the one to answer for the crime of two little boys, Alexandre Beckrich and Cyril Beining, massacred with blows of stones on an embankment alongside the railway tracks where they played in 1986.

At the beginning of the investigation, Henri Leclaire, who was working in a printing house located below the scene of the crime, had been the first man to confess to the double murder of the children. Very quickly, it was retracted. The investigators had set out to cause falling of the inaccuracies in his statements. After reconstitution, they had also felt that his corpulence prevented him from climbing on the talus. A few months after that, it is a teenager of 16 years, Patrick Dils, who confessed to the murders, before him also to go back on his confession. Patrick Dils will then be the first juvenile sentenced to life imprisonment in 1989 and one of the few prisoners French to benefit from a revision procedure, which will lead to his acquittal in 2002. The presence of the serial killer Francis Heaulme, not far from the scene of the crime on the day of the facts will be a key element of the revision procedure and to the acquittal.

In 2014, the trial of the “backpacker of the crime,” then tried for the double murder had been bouncing, breaking : two testimonies surprises had challenged Henri Leclaire, passing the retired status from witness to suspect. After two days of hearing, the assize court of the Moselle had decided to suspend “trial Heaulme”. An investigating judge had been seised of a new judicial information at the end of which, Henri Leclaire had been indicted and referred to the foundation, despite its denials. And then the house of instruction, that he had on appeal, had issued a non-place on the 7th of July last. But Chantal Beining, the mother of one of the victims, was referred to the Court of cassation. Which was finally decided on Tuesday to validate the non-place. The end of the game.

“It is a relief and a great feeling of victory, finally !”, commented with LCI Thomas Hellenbrand, the lawyer Henri Leclaire. “The justice had already stumbled in condemning Patrick Dils and she was going to once again stumble if it continued to grant any interest to the confessions obtained by the police of the times, continues Me Hellenbrand. She finally realized that there was no charge against him. What is disheartening, is that for years, my client has been wrongly accused, showed the finger… He had to live in quasi-reclusive, suspicions have messed up”. The lawyer is considering a lawsuit to “get compensation”.

Now, all eyes will turn to the “backpacker of the crime” that has always denied the crimes of Montigny-lès-Metz. “Me, my style, this is the Opinel and I smother with bare hands. Montigny, it’s not me !”, repeated to the envi Francis Heaulme, who has been sentenced in a business where he was also killed by being kicked or from the stones. The exact date of the trial, which is expected to take place next spring, is not yet fixed.


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