The French astronaut Thomas Pesquet during his press conference in conjunction with the ESA. /Credit:ESA/SIPA/1611231757 – SIPA

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  • Initially planned to be 13: 05, the first output of Thomas Pesquet is finally effected with 30 minutes ahead of schedule and should begin around 12: 30.
  • With the American Shane Kimbrough, current commander of the ISS, the French astronaut has a mission to install new batteries.
  • The spacewalk could last up to 7 hours.

The output of Thomas Pesquet is visible in the live video on the site of the Cnes.


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19h: This live is now complete

Thank you for having followed us to the first exit in space astronaut Thomas Pesquet.

18h22: at the End of the output orbital for the French Thomas Pesquet and American Shane Kimbrough (Nasa)

Thomas Pesquet has sealed off this Friday for its first outing in space around the international space Station (ISS) with the U.s. Shane Kimbrough, doing a particular with success of the modernisation work on the electrical system of the orbital outpost. The two astronauts have stopped the internal batteries of their dive 17: 20 GMT, marking the official end of their mission, which lasted for 05 hours and 58 minutes, shortly after they have returned to the decompression chamber of the Station.

14h22: It has been two hours that the release of Thomas Pesquet has started

We leave the Cnes, but you can continue to follow this event on video on this live. Here are the first pictures of its output :

Recovery at 19h with the return of the astronaut in the ISS.

14h01: As alpinists, the two astronauts are permanently attached to the ISS by a media dedicated

Everyone checks the hardware, and the diving bell of his team-mate permanently. There are currently in the process of attaching wires to connect the batteries.

13h57: Thomas Pesquet will stay approximately six to seven hours outside the ISS

The Prime minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, on a visit to Toulouse, to attend at about 18: 45 to the end of mission of the French astronaut live from the premises of Cnes.

13h51: Thomas Pesquet shows no sign of weakness after an hour of output in the space

13h21: This is the first time that Thomas Pesquet is evolving in the absolute void, then as the ISS spins around the Earth at 28 000 km/h

The French astronaut undergoes variations of temperatures from 100°C to -100°C. It must balance the risk of exposure to solar radiation and collisions with debris of meteorites.

13h18: A first team started to prepare the batteries to change last week

Thomas Pesquet and his sidekick u.s. must complete this operation. If they complete this mission in advance, they will change then cameras-positioned on the ISS.

13: 00: For Philippe Perrin, “Thomas lives an absolute dream” since all of the astronauts are not out in space

The Cnes teams are in permanent link with the centre of Houston, Texas.

12: 55: Philippe Perrin, the last French astronaut to have performed a spacewalk in the space, is present at Cnes in order to follow the evolution of Thomas Pesquet

judge Thomas quite comfortable in his suit pressurized. For him, this output is a “real sporting challenge”.

12h44: In space, it is very difficult for the astronauts to squeeze the life line due to the pressure

The two astronauts move on to a handrail and just get the permission of her move to the work area.

12h42: On the screens of the Cnes, the teams can follow the movements of the astronaut, thanks to a camera mounted on the helmet

12h37: this is it, Thomas Pesquet is released, attached by straps, and begins the verification on the ISS

12h34: Thomas Pesquet going to go out to turn

This is the excitement in the room of Cnes where do teams live this exit.

12: 33: This is the American Shane Kimbrough, who is out the first of the airlock of the ISS

12h32: During this spacewalk, the French astronaut must change batteries from the ISS to replace them by more modern

12: 31 am: Thomas Pesquet, equipped with his suit and 200 pounds, is in the sas and just get the permission output

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