Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Macron expands its movement – Liberation

The attractiveness of Emmanuel Macron is confirmed. Laurence Haïm, corresponding to the White House for the Canal Plus group for more than twenty years, is about to join the campaign team of the candidate running to become one of the spokesman. A true out of work for the only French journalist to have secured in 2008 to be able to interview Barack Obama after his election. This is the last speech of the democratic president and american to the fifty-year-old has decided to devote its final report. Since the social conflict of the autumn, to i-Télé, the journalist who had lent his support to the strikers and was looking for a drop-off point. “Tweeteuse” inveterate followed by 172 000 accounts, Laurence Haïm is a recruit of choice for a political movement of which a large part of the strategy is based on the social networks.

“A positive choice”

The arrival, on Wednesday evening, at its headquarters On rue Abbe-Groult, the economist Jean Pisani-Ferry is more significant still. Commissioner general of France Strategy – organization of thinking and expertise that depends Matignon – since 2013, renewed in his functions for a year in November, when he was reached by the age limit (1), the researcher made a choice of conviction. the “I recognize that I am in the process of Macron”, accurate Liberation the one who was counsellor of DSK in Bercy and director of the think-tank in brussels Bruegel from 2005 to 2013. the “the difficulty for The parties of government to get out of their habitus has made their action unreadable. In the present circumstances of crisis in democratic and social, it must be a new ambition for all at once to keep the requirement of responsibility and to respond to citizens ‘ anger. This is the case of Macron. It is a positive choice.” Since thei r meeting in 2010, Pisani-Ferry and Macron have worked together on many occasions, the first providing the second, then stationed in the Elysee and Bercy, in notes on the major social and economic issues. During the review of the act Macron at the Meeting, France’s Strategy had worked, at the request of the minister of Economy, on the impact of the opening in France of the market of buses. Appreciated by the members, the study was proved by the result of overly optimistic on the pane to job creation.

For Macron, Pisani-Ferry, known to be a “workaholic”, is a rookie valuable. It is the economist that is going to come back to supervise and coordinate the work of the thematic on which are working the eight groups of experts to walk since the beginning of September. All in a very short time, Emmanuel Macron trying to present in the beginning of February an electoral programme costed to be in good and due form.

(1) The departure of Pisani-Ferry of France Strategy was endorsed at the Council of ministers on Wednesday.

Nathalie Raulin


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