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Manuel Valls en direct : “secularism, this is not a sword, but a shield” – The World

Comes in the sequence devoted to issues of audience, selected in advance by France 2.

First to take the floor, Attika Trabelsi. This last is an activist community and wishes to hear the voice of muslim women. She declares that she is “humiliated and hurt” by the statements of past Manuel Valls about the veil, which would be, according to him, a “the enslavement of the woman.”

Reaction of Manuel Valls :

France is a country with christian roots, a country where islam is the second worship, an integral part of our identity.

there is now a salafist influence. I’m worried of this mode [for referring to the veil]. Attention to the messages you pass on to young women and girls.

there is a law that was passed banning the full-face veil. What is this idea that the hair, the face of a woman would be immodest ?

I want there to be this pride of everyone to be French. We must not impose on ds popular districts what women should wear.

Manuel Valls has ensured that the widening of the deprivation of citizenship to all French people with dual nationality has been passed by a "parliamentary majority", the majority of the socialist mps and the majority of members of LR.

It is actually a bit more complicated. February 9, 2016, 162 mps voted for the adoption of the draft constitutional law which included the measure. It was a short majority of members of which the suffrage has been expressed (148 votes against, 310 in total), only figure that account for the adoption of a text which it is necessary to add 22 abstentions.

It was, however, only 28 % of all mps. The support for the measure has also been limited within the socialist group with 119 for and 92 against a total of 287 members. Same remark for the group Republicans with 32 votes for and 30 against out of a total of 196 members.

Dear Maestro, could the ubiquity you be of any help.

about his conception of secularism, Manuel Valls provided his own definition :

secularism, this is not a sword, it is a shield, it is this that brings us together, it is necessary to cherish it, not exploit. Secularism, it is the ability to live together, and it is for this reason that I defend.

The deprivation of nationality for terrorists was, by his own admission, the main regret of the president François Hollande during his five-year term.

Manuel Valls justifies yet this proposal, following the events of 13 November 2015, but ultimately aborted :

François Hollande has had reason to regret the deprivation. But I remind you that it has been passed by a majority of mps. This page is now turned.

On the role of the State to preserve industrial jobs, Manuel Valls has taken for example the fate of the shipyards STX : “The State must weigh to keep this tool in St-Nazaire. The State must have a role as a strategist in the field of industry.”

And add :

We have lost thousands of industrial jobs. It is necessary that our economy goes in a range. It is necessary to give new rights to our employees, without these new rights, there is exploitation. The economy of tomorrow must invest in ecological transition.

VIDEO – Manuel Valls : “I was forced 49.3″

Come to the first two economic and social topics. The former prime minister speaks in turn :

  • on the production and employment

It must be stability in the tax plan, restore competitiveness to our companies. We will need to improve the quality of growth. It should be a training throughout life, which is essential for the French.

Europe needs to arm themselves to face globalization. Europe does not tax enough the products. It is necessary to increase the customs duties. France needs to exercise its leadership role in Europe, in this trade war.

Manuel Valls claims to have little had recourse to article 49.3 of the constitution to enact his reforms, as he has been in a total of 88 times under the Fifth Republic. In reality, it would be more accurate to speak of six appeals to 49.3 during his stay at the prime minister’s office (either during the three readings of the law Macron and El Khomri).

To justify its desire to limit the 49.3 texts budget, Manuel Valls said that”it is necessary to modernize our institutions. I want to renew the work of the Parliament.”

Asked about his political positioning, Manuel Valls arises from the outset as “a reformist, a social-reformist left”‘.

I haven’t changed my beliefs, but I’ve matured, I’ve grown up. The big problems of 2017 are not those of 2012. Today, I want to bring and defend a republican model and a social model. It is necessary to gather.

One primary left, seven candidates

as a reminder, and before the beginning of the show, here is a small overview of all the candidates in the election organized by the Beautiful people’s alliance.

good Evening all,

it is still us. After having followed live, as it is customary since September, the political news of the day, we open this Thursday night a new news feed to monitor “Emission policy”, on France 2, from 21 hours.

The guest this Thursday evening is called Manuel Valls. The former prime minister is among seven candidates in the primary to the left scheduled for 22 and 29 January.


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