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Primary from the left : a debate without tension and without revelation – The Point

Vincent Peillon is certain : “The PS will not go away. “It is, however, the stakes of this primary the first televised debate on TF1, on Thursday night, was a round of observation. The enemy brothers of the left, Valls, Montebourg, Hamon, Peillon, held a few exchanges, indirect, short hooks to the chin by reference. From this point of view, the tone was close enough to the first debate of the right, but without the tension that settled in the presence of Nicolas Sarkozy, the former president pursued by the pack of those who were properly docile ministers between 2007 and 2012.

To the left, the configuration is quite different. The great absent last night was precisely that for which the competition had been cut : François Hollande, the outgoing president, reduces the quality of the viewer, perhaps in front of their tv. The head of the State has been able to see that out of the seven candidates present, it could not count on only two lawyers, Manuel Valls and the former minister of PRG, Sylvia Pinel. Vincent Peillon, who was first introduced as the defender of the quinquennium, had the tooth hard several times, pointing out how the errors of the president, refusing the outstretched hand of Bayrou, dodging Mélenchon, turning the back to the left wing of the PS, and by dismissing the support of environmentalists, had caused a “deep political crisis” leading to his renunciation.

This is not the game of the small horses

each candidate was asked yesterday evening to say a word on the balance sheet of the president Hollande. This was also one of the passages with the most highlights of this long-term issue that would have deserved less of die sinker edm doors open on secularism, the school as priority or the commonplaces about the security… not to mention the debates tired on the law El Khomri or deprivation of nationality. Go ! We can do no more. And, as always, Europe is barely mentioned in passing, while much of our future is played out across the continent…

He had to go through a figure imposed : what about the balance sheet of Holland ? “Difficult to defend “, dropped as no surprise Arnaud Montebourg, who conceded, however, ” advanced “. “Unfinished “, dispatched Benoît Hamon. Manuel Valls, meanwhile, said his “pride” for having served France to the sides of the chair. It was much less clear, however, when journalists asked him if he had to withdraw for the benefit of Macron or Mélenchon in the case where the survey is placed behind them. “This is not a horse show, or the game of the small horses,” he said, a little annoyed. In brief, it consisted of a half-word that her ambition came first, and that there was no question for him to erase the benefit of Macron, for the moment, the better placed…

In this case, Benoît Hamon would, as to him, at most, to ” open a discussion. “Montebourg called Macron,” Mr. X “, not committing to anything, as long as he would not have understood the position of its successor in Bercy, which he amused himself in recalling the enthusiasms iconoclasts for T and de Villiers, passing by Mitterrand. Peillon, for his part, showed himself to be the most open to dialogue with Mélenchon (” 20 years in the socialist Party “) and Macron (minister of Manuel Valls “). Two men not so far removed from the “heart of the left” in sum. But of withdrawal, at this stage, it was not a question either.

The tax exemption of overtime : a debate surreal

On the bottom, are the proposals of Benoît Hamon on the universal income which gave the tempo of the first part. 400 billion euros to find… Mazette ! “Who will pay ?” asked Peillon. Hamon came out of its revenues : taxes on the rich, large groups of american giants of the Net, the tax on the added value of robots…

Arnaud Montebourg was for its part to cancel the tax hikes that hit the middle class. And he also referred to his cash cow : “the banks and their super-profits “.

Manuel Valls wished to continue the tax cuts initiated since 2014 and took it for his own account an idea of Nicolas Sarkozy : the tax exemption of overtime. One way to tell – but without saying it – that Hollande was wrong to delete.

Sarkozy had it right ? No, you would François Fillon, which has perfectly demonstrated the vacuity of economic proposal. On one hand, the State subsidizes companies to apply the 35-hour week and, on the other, the State would grant also overtime, the all with the money that he borrows, therefore, digging the debt… Bright reasoning that it comes from sticking in the teeth of Laurent Wauquiez, also a supporter of the restoration of the tax exemption of overtime a Pity that François Fillon has not had the same firmness in the judgment between 2007 and 2012 when his own government has put in place this tax exemption…

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This debate on the overtime itself summarizes the weakness of the French policy. The tohu-bohu of the concepts is striking. So here is a recipe of the right side (the tax exemption of overtime) to correct an aberration of the left (the 35 hours), taken up by a candidate of the left (Manuel Valls) has been part of a government which has repealed. It is necessary to follow…

The end of a cycle

Same thing for the universal income. This again is an idea that goes beyond the divide of left-right as it is shared by NKM, Jean-Frédéric Poisson, Frédéric Lefebvre, Benoît Hamon and Jean-Luc Bennahmias… there are so, on one hand, those who are resigned to what the future is for the machines (as the experts say) and the erosion of wage labour, and, on the other, those who, Fillon at Montebourg, do not resign themselves and consider that the dignity of the human being is and will remain the work, the innovations to new job-creating…

The primary of the left crosses the primary to the right and leaves the impression that the political system in which we operate for a very long time happened at the end of a cycle. A depletion, which, if we are optimistic, will result necessarily on a new matrix soon. Unless there is a decline for a long time.


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