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Several deaths in Europe due to the cold, upsurge of accidents in France – The World

In France, the ice storm has caused dozens of road accidents. In Saône-et-Loire, off the road a bus has left at least five dead.

The vigilance orange snow and ice was not Sunday morning as the seven departments of the centre-east of France, according to Météo France. The Ain, Allier, the Loire, the Nièvre, the Puy-de-Dôme, Rhône and the Saône-and-Loire remained in orange alert.

Coming from Scandinavia, ” an air mass very cold is installed “, explained Météo-France. Low precipitation, but freezing due to frozen soils that cover a good portion of the country. the ” The ice, even in small quantities, can disrupt numerous activities “, recalled the organization’s national weather forecast.

Saturday morning, the meteorological centre of Strasbourg was 06 hours of temperatures between – 7 and – 15°C in the plains. In the paris region, the temperatures of the night have been ” negative “, ranging from – 3 to – 11 degrees.

  • road Accidents in France

Five people died and 27 were injured, two of which are in a absolute urgency, in a bus accident on the RN 79, which occurred shortly before 4: 30 a.m. near the viaduct, Charolles, Saone-et-Loire, according to a provisional report of the prefecture.

The bus forty seats were Portuguese nationals, en route to Switzerland, according to a information revealed by the online media Creusot-Info. The vehicle fell below the national the famous RCEA (Route Centre Europe and the Atlantic), deemed to dangerous, off the road, probably due to the ice storm.

The cold had already caused many accidents, including one fatal, in the Aisne. In this department, one person died and two were seriously injured in a road accident involving two vehicles. According to firefighters, the accident is ” bound to ice and at a speed not adapted to the weather conditions “. In the early evening Saturday, the fire department dénombraient ten other traffic accidents related to weather conditions without serious injuries in the Aisne.

In the Eure, two people were seriously injured and eight were lightly in an accident involving six vehicles on the A13 near Rouen. On the A28 and A29, the traffic had to be suspended, according to the website Normandie Actu, after two accidents, heavy weight. The site identified twenty incidents in Seine-Maritime for the only Saturday morning.

In Sum, the firefighters dénombraient already Saturday mid-day 19 accidents related to the ice storm, which made 18 minor injuries and two serious. The North has seen at least twenty accidents, essentially ” leave the road because of the slick roads “, no one was seriously injured because ” it did not drive fast “, said the firefighters.

In the Oise, the weather has resulted in seven incidents, the majority on the A16 (balance : 14 minor injuries).

  • Event for the HOMELESS in Paris

on Saturday afternoon, dozens of homeless people and activists of the association Right to housing (DAL) also come to remember the plight of the HOMELESS, investing in a wing of a disused Hotel-Dieu, at Paris, to the cry of ” A roof, it is a right ! “. The protesters have called for the provision of vacant spaces available in Paris.

After this action of the LAD, the Assistance publique-Hôpitaux de paris (AP-HP) has announced Saturday night open, ” without waiting for the triggering of the plan grand froid “, of places of emergency accommodation at the Hotel-Dieu.

in Strasbourg, approximately 15 000 homes were without heating for several hours Saturday because of a burst pipe. Three hundred of these homes do not see the problem solved before Monday, a-t-on learned from the municipality.

Finally, these weather conditions have also disrupted the flow of the Coupe de France football : four matches in the 32es finals have been deferred because of land rendered impassable or dangerous by the cold.

  • In Europe, the heavy toll of the homeless

In Russia, where the temperature reached 24 °C in Saint-Petersburg (north-west), the police found the body of a man who died from hypothermia in the night from Friday to Saturday. In Poland, ten people have died due to temperatures that fell below – 20 °C in some regions.

In Italy, seven people, five of whom are homeless (and two of them are Polish) are dead, in spite of the measures taken since last week to accommodate them before the fall of the thermometer up to – 10 °C in places.

In Bulgaria, the bodies of two migrants iraqis have been discovered frozen Friday by villagers in a forest in the mountain of Strandzha (south-east), near the border with Turkey.

A migrant afghan of 20-year-old had already been found frozen to death Tuesday in the north of Greece, after having crossed the Greek-Turkish border. The Greek authorities had announced last month have re-housed all migrants and refugees in prefabricated houses and tents heated.


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