Thursday, January 12, 2017

Snow Wind : Weather France up to the North and the Pas-de-Calais in vigilance orange – Franceinfo

Nord and Pas-de-Calais will experience an episode of snow in the next few hours and next few days, accompanied by strong wind. Weather France has decided to place the two departments in vigilance orange. Here are the latest forecasts for this Thursday and until Sunday. The bulletin issued is valid for the moment of this Thursday 11am until Friday at 6 o’clock. But this alert should be extended. “A strong winter storm will affect the northern half of the country, says Météo France. the

The forecast from Meteo France for Thursday

This Thursday, the rains are still low under an overcast sky. The totals for the day are of the order of 7 to 15 mm in Picardy but they are expected to reach 20 to 30 mm on the west of Pas-de-Calais and the eastern Hauts-de-France. The south-westerly wind is reinforced with 60 km/h on the coast. The temperatures are seasonal with 5 to 7°C from east to west, and 8°C on the coast.

For the night, the situation is complicated. the evacuation of The rains supported by the is is followed by a return precipitant from the north in the passage of the depression on the region, with snow on the Nord Pas-de-Calais and the north of the Picardy region. The snow is expected around 20 hours on the western part of the region, flowing rapidly to the east in the middle of the night. We expect 3 to 5 inches of snow on the hills of the Boulonnais, 1 to 3 cm more to the east (possibly 5 cm on the Avesnois and Thiérache), and on the north of Picard.

at the rear, a diet of snow showers is in place, with the possibility of rare shots of thunder on the coast. At the same time, we can expect a strong gale from north-west to the passage of the depression with peaks of 100 km/h in the interior, 110 km/h on the coast.

The forecast from Meteo France for this Friday

The depression of the day before has been evacuated by the is, however, we are still in the fields low. A system of showers moving in to place with an air mass that cools both the lower layers that altitude. The sky remains covered on the eastern part of the hauts-de-France with rare showers of snow. They are stronger and more frequent on the southern Picard than in the north.

On the coast, a few sunny spells return, but the sky is loaded with frequent showers of sleet or snow, especially on the south side. More in the interior, the snow becomes predominant and will be the ground at the time of showers but might melt quite quickly afterwards.
The north-west wind blowing still strong on the coast with gusts to 70 km/h. In the inside, it takes a direction more west and is clearly in decline.
minimum temperatures are close to 0°C in inside and in the vicinity of 3°C on the coast.

In the afternoon, a disturbance of snow related to a depression in the North sea for a large part of the region. The plan of showers is in mitigation on the coast with air of high altitude, the cooler is blowing towards the east of France, however, showers of rain or rain and snow mixed, although more rare, remain current with, however, some sunny spells. Further east, in the course of the afternoon, the disturbance coming in from the north gives low precipitation is snow. expected 1 to 3 cm, the larger amounts being to the east of the North-Pas-de-Calais and the north of the Picardy region.

wind from The north-west sector breath again stronger with gusts to 80/90 km/h in particular on the coasts of the North sea, where the phenomena of wave-associated flooding are expected. The temperatures are down to 5 to 2°C from west to east, passing under the normal season.

The forecast from Meteo France for this Saturday

The depression is evacuated and the high-inflates slowly over the region by the end of the day. The cold air of altitude leaves the region by the end of the day, allowing for a mitigation of the showers from the west. We have a mix of sunny spells and clouds over the entire region in the morning with
showers and more rare except on the coast. The sky, however, remains loaded on the east of the North and the Thiérache.

In the afternoon, with the diurnal warming, the showers become more widespread throughout the region before reducing the west in the late afternoon. They occur mainly in the form of snow in the interior and rain or rain/snow on the coast. Wind from the north-west sector is weakening but remains sensitive on the coast with gusts to 40 or 50 km/h or even 60 km/h at the end of the day on the shores of the North sea. The temperatures are down to -1/-2°C in the interior where a refreezing of the roads is possible and 2 to 5°C from west to east in the afternoon.

the Council’s behaviour in the case of vigilance orange

* Limit your movements and ask before you begin.
* beware of fallen trees or various objects.
* Do not work on roofs.
* Store the objects exposed to the wind.
* Take, if possible, the first precautions against the consequences of a violent wind in your area.
* be sure to Install the generators outside of buildings.

* Be very careful and vigilant if you really need to move.
* Learn about the traffic conditions.
* Observe the traffic restrictions and diversions put in place.
* Plan a minimum equipment in the case where you would be forced to wait several hours on the road in your vehicle.
* be sure to Install the generators outside of buildings.
* Do not use for heating :
- appliances not intended for this use : stove, brazier, etc
- the heaters combustion continuously.
These devices shall operate only intermittently.


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