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The conference of Paris will remove the peace – The Figaro

FIGAROVOX/TRIBUNE – Nearly 70 countries will gather this Sunday, January 15th, in Paris, for an international conference that will attempt to revive the process of israeli-palestinian peace. Gilles Williame Goldnadel regrets the “bias” of the international community in this folder.

Gilles-William Goldnadel, a lawyer and writer. He is president of the association France-Israel. Every week, it decrypts the news for FigaroVox.

Yet another show. Still a photo shoot to say “I am important” and to give the illusion of “doing something”. But the peace will be the loser. This is what we can expect in the Paris conference on the middle East this weekend.

How to encourage-it is two peoples to make peace? Helping them to sit down and discuss so that they manage to reconcile, and to resolve their disputes. In preparing for the need to make painful sacrifices, because it is the price to pay for peace merit.

The conference on franco-palestinian planned for 15 January in Paris is on the point of doing exactly the opposite. Rather than make also pressure on the palestinian leadership to return to the negotiating table with Israel, this conference will encourage their determination to avoid at any price to negotiate.

peace between Israelis and Palestinians does not require conferences grandiloquentes with several dozens of participants ending on statements meaningless. To promote peace, nations of the world need also to say to the Palestinians the obvious truth: we must dare to tell them that peace requires recognition of Israel as the State of the Jewish People and that the only way to achieve this remains to direct negotiation.

Of Ireland of the North in South Sudan, in region after region, these are of direct talks which have paved the way to real peaceful solutions.

It is necessary to say that Israel is a partner for peace and is willing to make painful concessions, as this has already been done in the past. It is necessary to say to the Palestinians that they will have to accept difficult compromises with Israel regarding borders, refugees, security and Jerusalem ; that it is the only way to bring back hope and ensuring a better future for their children and future generations.

the road to peace between Jerusalem and Ramallah passes precisely through there: Jerusalem and Ramallah. Not by New York. Or by Paris. Nor by the UN of bias, previous convictions, unilateral or conferences chatty. Peace is built with bilateral negotiations, where leaders speak in head-to-head, ready and willing to work together. This was the case when Israel and Egypt made peace in 1979. This was the lesson of peace israel-jordan in 1994. The Northern Ireland South Sudan, in region after region, these are of direct talks which have paved the way to real peaceful solutions.

Following the freakish unilateral resolution 2334 recently adopted by the Security Council of the UN, which called the most holy places of the jewish religion in Jerusalem “occupied palestinian territories”, the conference on franco-palestinian Paris is programmed to serve as a new platform for yet another flogging in public is one-sided and Israel, another forum grandiose that will eliminate the need for palestinian leaders to take their responsibilities.

While the blood keeps flowing in the neighboring Syria, some of the leaders, helpless on the record, prefer to get busy to organize a parody of a conference.

The israelis have repeatedly requested the Chairman of the Palestinian Authority, to meet them. Yet, rather than supporting and partnering with this request, the international community is complacent vis-à-vis the avoidance of Abbas to the idea of direct talks. In fact, why Abbas would negotiate with Israel, when it knows that it can, without effort, to ensure that only Israel is accused by the international community, an international community that studiously ignores the culture of hatred and violence that is spreading under her nose within the palestinian society.

Israel is prepared to negotiate directly with the palestinian leaders, anywhere, anytime, without preconditions. But the Palestinians fled the negotiations on many occasions, at Camp David in 2000 with Ehud Olmert in 2008, and in Paris and Washington in 2014.

The Paris conference won’t choose probably the issues to be addressed in order to placate the Palestinians, and will not do as well as to strengthen their intransigence and to perpetuate the conflict, thereby bringing achievement to the arab people of Palestine rather than to serve its interests.

the attempt by The Palestinians to internationalize the conflict, aided by some world leaders, allows their leaders to avoid reaching a final agreement. It also proves that this conflict has never been focused on the question of a palestinian State. He wears and has always worn, on the right of Israel to exist, whatever its borders. Find a solution to the conflict implies that the Palestinians are ready to live in peace alongside Israel, not instead of Israel.

The israelis remain predominantly committed to the solution of two States for two peoples living in peace. The conflict can be resolved if the palestinian leadership wish to put an end to it, by discussing directly with their partners, the israelis and finding together solutions to the various issues.

If the nations of the world are really seeking to advance peace, it should send a clear and unequivocal message to Abbas: “Stop supporting violence and terrorism, stop promoting hate speech, and stop to teach the Palestinian children to kill jews. Teach them that Israel exists, and that peaceful relations with Israel should be the foundations of a future palestinian State”.

While the blood keeps flowing in the neighboring Syria, some of the leaders, helpless on the record, prefer to get busy to organize a parody of a conference, far away from any reality and demanding all of one and nothing of the other. Somehow, the conference of Paris of today is a gathering of the leaders of yesterday. The international community, as it is called, should be able to do better if she intends to stay worthy of this name.


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