Saturday, January 7, 2017

Vigilance orange snow and ice in the Aube, the Marne, the Ardennes and Haute-Marne – Franceinfo


Météo-France has placed the department of Haute-Marne in vigilance orange snow and ice due to a risk of freezing rain from this Saturday, noon, January 7. The temperatures observed on that Saturday to 06: 00 are very cold, ranging between -7 and -15 degrees in the plains.

from mid-day on Saturday, a disturbance will approach the region-Is by the Ardennes. Temporarily preceded by some falls of snow, the precipitation associated with this disturbance will be presented in the form of light rain or low mist that take mostly a character verglaçant (rain and/or mist of supercooled). In spite of the quantities of low rainfall, the pavements will be very slippery.

Into the Dawn

Météo France predicts the arrival of a disturbance in the form of freezing rain or snow on the afternoon of Saturday 7 January, arriving from the north of the department, and extending the whole of the department until Sunday morning. This disturbance is likely to lead to challenges of traffic, soils can quickly become very slippery.

in addition, because of the temperatures felt particularly low (of the order of - 5 ° to -8°), the department of the Aube is maintained at the level yellow of the plan grand froid.

In the Marl

Météo-France place in the Marne department in vigilance orange snow and ice storm, from Saturday 7 January 2017 12: 00 until Sunday, 8 January 2017 at midnight.

again, caution on the roads if you need to take the steering wheel. Prevention tips are also given by the prefecture of the Marne on the falls : it is requested to clearing the snow and salting the sidewalks in front of your home, while avoiding to obstruct the glances of flow of water.

From the Ardennes

The department of Ardennes is placed in vigilance orange freezing rain from Saturday 7 to Sunday 8 January 2017. Météo France predicts the arrival of a disturbance return storm snow from Saturday. These rains, combined with very low temperatures will lead to important phenomena of ice. Falls of snow can occur locally.

The traffic conditions will be extremely difficult especially in the afternoon and night of Saturday 7 January Sunday 8 January. Accordingly, and for the safety of all, the Prefect of the Ardennes recommends limit travel to the minimum necessary. Pedestrians also need to be very careful, including people with reduced mobility.


Tips traffic

  • Choose the transport.
  • Ask about the traffic conditions from the regional centre of information and road traffic (CRICR).
  • Prepare your trip and your route
  • Verify the status and operation of your vehicle especially the condition of the tyres and their pressure
  • Make sure of the presence, in your vehicle, the safety vest and triangle pre signaling approved
  • Think of the additional equipment : safety vest, scrapers and brushes ; bulbs, spare fuses and a flashlight, very useful in case of failure
  • Adapt your speed to the circumstances and lengthen significantly the safety distances
  • Do not take the road before you have fully defrosted your windscreen, side windows and rear
  • Observe the traffic restrictions and diversions put in place.
  • Facilitate the passage of the gear to clear roads and highways, in particular when parking your vehicle outside of the traffic lanes.

Advice behavior

  • Protect yourself from falls and protect others by clearing snow and salting the sidewalks in front of your home, while avoiding to obstruct the glances of flow of water.
  • Do not touch electrical wires fallen on the ground.
  • be sure to Install the generators outside of buildings.
  • Do not use your heating system : devices not intended for this use : stove, brazier etc / heaters burning continuously, these devices shall operate only intermittently.
  • The pedestrian must also stay vigilant in order to prevent all falls on sidewalks
  • Be careful if you practise activities sensitive to the weather risk or close to a shore or to a water course
  • If you notice a person homeless or in difficulty, to prevent the “115″,
  • To avoid the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning : ensure good ventilation of the housing, even brief, at least once per day and remember to check the proper functioning of systems of heating,
  • The extreme cold can be dangerous for the most vulnerable : see the booklet of advice published by Public Health, France

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