Tuesday, January 3, 2017

A marathon of debates crucial – Boursorama

Primary to left : a marathon of debates crucial

Primary to left : a marathon of debates crucial

Monitored as milk on the fire ! As we approach the primary to the left, all eyes turned to the preparation of the televised debates that will have to decide between the candidates — three before the 1st turn, another before the second.

” If it is in something of a navel-gazing, this shall have no interest, ” warns the Manual Valls. But if we talk about France and the French, this may create a desire. “In the camp Hamon, it scans the whole “concern” about the organization or to the hearing of these emissions. “It’s going to be the opportunity to clarify the positions of each,” to be satisfied-one in the entourage of the deputy for the Yvelines. Same goes for Arnaud Montebourg : “It will allow the French to sort and position them. “


But the timetable for the debate of round 1 — three in seven days — worried. “I’m afraid that people are rejected, they drank themselves to see the socialist in every sense “, glide the advise of a staff. “It is true that there are three debates, and that this can tire the people “, breath another. Vincent Peillon is, also, the debates are too close together. “Those of the right were spaced a week, people had time to think, and the proposals to brew “, the judge does it in private.

Side organization, for the first debate, if the order of appearance of candidates has been drawn at random under the control of a bailiff, in the choice of topics has been the subject of negotiations. According to various sources, Manuel Valls wished to start by the theme of ” security and terrorism “. “If we think that in speaking of the same topics as the right, we will win…” tackle the adviser to a competing team. “What is important for us is that in the three debates, nothing is forgotten “, argues the mask of …

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