Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Night of Saint-Sylvestre : finding “arranged” on the burnt-out cars – The Parisian

The number of vehicles torched in the night of December 31 has increased by 17.5 %.

Combien of vehicles were burned during the night of new year’s eve ? “This year again, the balance of the vehicles burned, demonstrates that [...] the phenomenon is content compared to 2016, with 650 firing direct, where they were 602 last year “, said Bruno Le Roux, the ministry of the Interior, in a press release published on Sunday. “Over the past five years, the number of vehicles burned was decreased by 20 %,” he added.

Monday, a change of course. After the accusations of the “World” stating that the figures were minimised, the Place Beauvau is obliged to give true accounts. Pierre-Henry Brandet, spokesperson for the ministry contacted by our newspaper, acknowledges that ” 945 cars burned or damaged “, an increase of 17.5 % compared to last year !

Bruno Le Roux had announced on Sunday that the figures of ” fire direct “, an increase of 8 %. Incomplete data, because when a car catches fire, it is common that the fire spread to vehicles in the vicinity. It is this second figure that Beauvau had passed in silence.

The decision to disclose the numbers of all the vehicles burned back yet in 2013. Manuel Valls, minister of the Interior, had chosen to break with the silence of his predecessors, Claude Guéant and Brice Hortefeux. Successor of Valls, Bernard Cazeneuve, had maintained this effort of transparency, all the more easy that the balance of the 1 st January, indicated a decrease in the number of vehicles burnt. Bruno Le Roux, powered minister of the Interior after the appointment of Cazeneuve to the prime minister, tried awkwardly to hide the first increase registered since 2013… creating the way a fire to start in the political arena.

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