Tuesday, January 3, 2017

CSG : Montebourg proposes a reduction for low wages – The Point

The deadline is approaching for candidates in the primary organized by the PS. Each is used actively of the morning radio to place his ball. Monday, it was Benoît Hamon, who, on Europe 1, mentioned the recognition of the white vote in the election process. This Tuesday, it is the former minister of the Economy Arnaud Montebourg who is considering, on RTL, to reduce the generalized social contribution of small salaries, if he is elected. According to him, this measure would help restore the purchasing power of the ” popular classes “.

” today, the problem of France is that those who work have difficult ends of the month, “said Arnaud Montebourg on RTL, indicating that the “first decisions”, and that he would take if he were elected would be ” to decrease the CSG on all employees, who today are in a situation of being between a smic or 1.3 times the minimum wage, that is to say, up to 1 500 euros net “.

6 billion

” It would be declining. “”The gain would be from 102 euros per month for a person who is at the legal minimum wage,” he said, and of 50 euros per month for a person who earns € 1 500. Arnaud Montebourg evaluates the cost of this measure at € 6 billion, financed by a part of the Siec. “I start with the hard core of those who today are working hard and are unable to earn their life. It is first of all them (…) that are to the honour of my program “, he exposed. “When the economic activity will be spread [...], it will be possible to assign a portion of the additional revenues to the fall in tax to the other socio-professional categories. “

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Asked about the imbroglio surrounding the appointment of Guy Bedos at the head of his support committee, Mr. Montebourg thanked the comedian for his support. “Guy Bedos is a friend, a wonderful [...] he said he supported me and I thank him infinitely. “” He is an artist, and he feels uncomfortable with the official duties “, he added. Guy Bedos, announced by Arnaud Montebourg as having taken the head of his support committee for the primary organized by the PS, was denied Monday, leaving a “formal role in policy” before accepting the tip of the lips ” in order not to embarrass the candidate.”


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