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What actually covers the pataquès Montebourg-Bedos – Challenges.fr

there are more than Arnaud Montebourg in France, to believe in Guy Bedos, a symbol of obsolete and old-fashioned of the great era of the Left caviar. Which is not the least of the paradoxes when we claim to apply for the role of the candidate of the working classes, victims of globalization. In any case, here is Guy Bedos promoted to president of the committee in support of the nomination of Arnaud Montebourg at the Primary of the Belle alliance. Of Mitterrand, after the exercise of the right inventory, Arnaud Montebourg has chosen not to keep that Guy Bedos. The legacy is heavy, that weighs on the shoulders of one who aspires to be a successor to François Hollande.

Anecdote? Yes. But not only that. Because there is a lesson to be learned from the sequence, finally let’s say rather, sketch, played by the duo Montebourg-Bedos in the beginning of the first week of January, 2017.

But first let’s take. On Monday, January 2, thunderclap in the sky of the Primary socialist among socialists, since April 21, 2002, as soon as something happens, it is always ” a sound of thunder “). So, thunderclap. More incredible still that the return of Vincent Peillon, the candidate of the ” made in France ad, during the tour of his local campaign organized for the press policy, as its campaign has been enriched with crucial support. Guy Bedos comes back. Probably because he is not happy (so when Guy Bedos has he been happy?) but also because he has decided to take up the chairmanship of the committee of support for the application Montebourg.

Montebourg, that is definitely Montebourde

Except that obviously, Arnaud Montebourg had initially convinced Arnaud Montebourg good idea to place here, Guy Bedos, before discussing the topic with Guy Bedos himself. And the world of the media, already, of his gausser. Montebourg, that is definitely Montebourde. Who does not miss one. That failed to take off in the polls. Who tramples in this strange campaign, the Primary, where the candidates are locked in a schedule that leaves them only the choice to try to print the view using shots media supposed to hit the spirits.

But a few minutes after the proclamation, a new thunderclap. Guy Bedos said that he comes to learn of his appointment to the prestigious position, that he has been able to give in advance his agreement. For Montebourg, and this is the data sheet wrong. This is a double humiliation to the passage, since Guy Bedos speaks out in exclusive… le Figaro: “I don’t want to be president of the support committee. I don’t want to post, I am an artist. I’m going to support it, but I want to stay independent. I will vote for him, but I don’t want to have an official role in the campaign “.

But, again thunderclap, again, a few hours later. Here is that Guy Bedos, all things considered, said to RTL that he accepts the heavy burden. “I agree, at this point… I don’t want to embarrass him, I have sympathy. But I have something else to do… I agree to not interfere with Arnaud because I like it a lot “. Bedos is generous, who agrees to judge in order not to harm the friend Montebourg. Generous and magnanimous. Since Montebourg has said, so going to Montebourg. Do not add the grotesque to the ridiculous. Thank You Bedos.

Stuck in another time and space

how and Why did this pataquès? The answer is provided, in the process, by François Kalfon in the JDD (not to be confused with Jean-Pierre, because now we have to be careful with the names of actors in the campaign Montebourg) right arm of the candidate Montebourg. Believing him, there would have been a “difference of interpretation, of understanding” between the one and the other. And Kalfon stated, as if that was not self-evident: “We would never have written it if there had been no discussion with him “. There is hope that he will have drawn conclusions from the case in the case where, once elected president, he would confront president Putin, taste little differences of interpretation and understanding…

Derive, therefore, from the anecdote of his essence, without make up as the pedants in the bad status Facebook. “The man endowed with reason can do it all a matter of his work and benefit from it” said marcus Aurelius. Meditate.

Do not throw stones at Montebourg. It is like all the candidates of the amazing Primary socialist whose short representation is just beginning. He is stuck in a space-time which is no longer that of the time.

The socialists are not out of the 80′s. This is not only nostalgia that Montebourg had in mind to propel Guy Bedos at the head of gondola, people and moral support of his campaign. It is without a doubt persuaded that the mark ” Guy Bedos “, which prevails in the unconscious mind of the voter left who has known the years of Mitterrand, is still a brand prescriptrice. In the quest of the impossible legacy of Mitterrand, they are trying to hang on to the old icons. “Me too, I Bedos, as Mitterrand” seems to say to us Montebourg, as if that made it legitimate, as if having Bedos, it was also convene Coluche, Montand, Signoret, Renaud and the others… The great figures of the left for years, Globe… of an Entire universe, that it was not yet ” people “, but ” intellectual “, which used to be about the people of the left. And that spoke to him more. Even Renaud, who once sang, ” Uncle not leave the concrete “, i s no longer available, that promises today to vote Fillon.

Mélenchon, the new Bedos

Montebourg did not see that the world had changed. And the electorate with. Mélenchon has understood him, who now holds meeting as Bedos held its press review thirty years ago. The scene. The public. The fact sheets. A situation. A evocation. A protrusion. All on the rhythm invented by Coluche, a valve every twenty seconds. Mélenchon does not need to beg the support of Bedos, it is the new Bedos. That also has its YouTube channel.

Mélenchon has seized the change of epoch: the direct communication, without the prism of the traditional media. The sovereign people, straight to the point, without cluttering of moral figures, artists, writers, comedians, singers, and others, who are perceived today as an old elite cut off from the realities popular.

Bedos-Montebourg, this is like Clinton-De Niro, it is an old world that is not of his time. And whose constituents don’t care, who hear and decide, in freedom, and especially without experiencing the feeling that the top can still dictate his vote at the bottom. Hence the success of Mélenchon. Or Macron, which also offers a direct contact with the people, without intermediary people. The PS is still immersed in a coma for 80 years in political communication. Without Pilhan-Colé for the exit.

Mélenchon and Macron tell their voters the story they want to hear in a direct line. It is a way to give them the consideration they deserve, unlike the process that is to show the support of Guy Bedos, income between the years Left the caviar and who, in some way, carries with him his share of the contempt of class.

The anecdote told a socialist Party and candidates off, anchored in a past and a political universe mind that they are struggling to overcome. And a candidate Montebourg, in a breakdown of credibility. The proof: even when he is in the comic, Montebourg is not serious.


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