Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Four supporters of Chelsea sentenced to suspended sentences for racist violence in Paris in 2015 – The World

fans of The English football club were sentenced to have prevented Souleymane Sylla, from boarding the paris metro.

In an amateur video seen by the Guardian, supporters of the English club were filmed pushing a man while he tries to enter a train in the paris metro.

Four Britons, supporters of the Chelsea football club, have been sentenced, Tuesday, 3 January, to prison terms ranging from six to twelve months suspended prison sentence for a racist incident on the paris metro in February of 2015. Only two of the four accused were present in front of the 14e chamber of the tribunal correctional of Paris.

On February 17, 2015, the four men had prevented the Franco-Mauritanian Souleymane Sylla, 33 years old, from boarding the paris metro because he was black. They are prosecuted for ” voluntary violence on the basis of race “ that resulted in a temporary inability to work for more than eight days. The scene took place on the evening of the match of the knockout round of the champions League between PSG and Chelsea (1-1). In the video, a fan identified by the Guardian, fans of the English club were filmed pushing a man while he tries to enter a train in the paris metro.

In a first sequence, refers to the group of English sing. the ” The atmosphere was aggressive, then I pulled out my phone to film “, tells Guardian Paul Nolan, the British working in Paris who published the video.

” We’re racist, we’re racist “

a Few moments later, Souleymane Sylla tries to enter in only one oar open that would suggest that the closing of the gates could be hampered before. One of the supporters at dam for the first time in placing himself in front of him and chanting, the surveyed point, what looks like a slogan sports. The passenger then attempts to force the transition, and is strongly pushed back on the wharf on several occasions by the individuals inside the train.

A final sequence, filmed more close to the people, the shows singing his head off in English ” We’re racist, we’re racist and we like it “ on the air the last words of the end of a singing anti-Chelsea fan from Leeds.

The incident triggered a series of reactions of outrage, including Manuel Valls, who is said to be ” touched and outraged “, and comes to tarnishing the image of the Premier League, which this is not the first scandal racist.

Souleymane Sylla, the 33-year-old father of three children, has stopped to take the metro for six months after his assault.

” I live with racism “

” I don’t forgive “, ” I will not forgive ever “, told the press Souleymane Sylla. The latter had testified in Le Parisien in 2015.

” I tried to force the passage, I again tried to return. [...] I understood that it was the supporters of Chelsea and I made the connection with the PSG game, which was held the same evening. I also understood that they were taking to me because of the color of my skin. You know, I live with racism, I wasn’t really surprised of what was happening to me even if it was a first in the subway. (…) I stayed a long time in the face of them. A person came to tell me that I had been brave to resist people like that. (…) No users came to my defence but, in any case, what could we do ? “

Three of the four defendants have already been sentenced on the 22nd July 2015 in London of stadium bans of five years : Richard Barklie, a former police officer in Northern Ireland for 52 years and a director of an association working in Africa, Josh Parsons, a former employee of a financial company at the age of 22, and William Simpson, 27 years old, who had been sentenced to five years of stadium ban in the Uk and abroad.

in London, a fourth bear was sentenced to a three year ban for match to be sang ” We are racist ” with his comrades. A fifth had also received five-year stadium ban for this act and other altercations and violent. The london club had announced that the five men were going to be, in addition, banned for life from entering the stadium of Stamford Bridge.


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