Souleymane Sylla and his lawyer Jim Michel-Gabriel at the Palace of Justice in Paris, on 3 January 2016. – BERTRAND GUAY / AFP

” It is all the way to the right and then to the first floor. “The staff at the reception of the Palace of Justice in Paris have recommend us to follow the horde of journalists present at the scene to indicate the path to follow until the 14th chamber of the Tribunal de grande instance of Paris. In front of the door of the room where will be held later in the hearing, there was much talk about French and (only) a little English. A reporter for the Guardian was surprised, almost, regretting that the case is no longer quite followed in the United Kingdom.

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Far from “hysteria” full-in which was the british press at the beginning of the case, as described by the lawyer of one of defendants, it is the same in a serene atmosphere (the president has managed to squeeze a nice “go straight to the goal” after the review of the facts) that the original trial of the four supporters of Chelsea, serving sentences of 6 to 10 months of imprisonment with suspension under the framework of the so-called case Souleymane.

These have been found to have prevented Souleymane Sylla to ride in a subway car before you sing a song racist against her, on February 17, 2015.

Psychologist, insomnia and married life disturbed

what does relieve a victim who hopes to be able to “turn the page” during his vacation imminent in Senegal. “Justice has been done “, said Souleymane, at the end of a hearing that saw his lawyer, Me Michel-Gabriel, to tell the plight of a man “reached in his dignity” during but also after the incident.

” For 18 months, Mr. Sylla has not been able to live normally. He was not able to take the public transportation for nine months. This event has created tension in her marriage. His wife did not understand why he could not sleep, why he was sleeping on the couch. “

And the victim chimed in, speaking of his visits with his attending physician, but not only. “I’ve also been forced to consult a psychologist. I couldn’t sleep. I am upset because of these people, “said the one to which the triple distribution of the scene by video for the hearing has revived” bad memories “. Memories he is then forced to reappear at the request of the president, anxious to know the precise understanding of Mr. Sylla on the incident.

” The word racist came out. [The fans] showed me the color of his skin like that, ” he said, pointing his face with his finger. Although non-English-speaking, there was no doubt to Souleymane as he was at that precise moment, the victim of a racist attack, although no official image has not been able to confirm this. “I had no gesture racist,” for its part, has denied the alleged responsible of the gesture.

” The subway was crowded, it was hot “

On the bench of the accused, only James F. and Joshua P., the mine is shy in their suit cinched have responded to this. The contrast between their style of wedding witness the big slick hair and the image of fans dazed singing proudly their intolerance to shots of “we are racist, we are racist, and that’s the way we like it” (” we’re racist, we’re racist and we like it “) two years earlier is striking and even astonishing.

It is upon this argument that is a part of the defense of Joshua P. : it doesn’t fit with him, this British “polite” and “two comrades of the dormitory non-white” contacted by his lawyer swore that he was not racist.

In fact, or at least to believe the version of events supported to talk the two British, Souleymane Sylla, was violently pushed out of the train, which was parked at Richelieu-Drouot as it could have been any user in similar circumstances. Joshua P. :

” The subway was crowded, it was hot. Behind us, it grew strong. Mr. Sylla who is bigger than me tried to return suddenly. I pushed it back but I haven’t talked to him. There was nothing racist at that time. Those who have started to sing have not even seen Mr. Sylla. The songs were started 20 to 30 seconds later and had nothing to do with the fact of having pushed Souleymane Sylla. “

Too big, too well dismantled by the prosecutor, too, the theory of the unfortunate coincidence will not have convinced anyone and laugh at the yellow Souleymane, who, if he has received with satisfaction the apology of one of the accused, will regret always that none of them has admitted the racist character of the attack.

” What do you want… This is the way “, he concluded before leaving relieved in the shadow of the stairs of the courthouse alongside his lawyer and the sound of the crackling of the cameras.

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