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Student from japan gone to Besançon : the mystery plane after a month of investigation – Franceinfo

What happened on the night of 4 to 5 December in a university hall of residence on the campus of the university of Besançon ? Only certainty investigators : Narumi Kurosaki, a japanese girl student of 21 years old, has been killed. But, nearly a month after his disappearance was reported, the body of the young woman remains missing. Her ex-boyfriend, the chilean is regarded as the main suspect, and an arrest warrant has been issued for his arrest.

“The suicide, the disappearance of voluntary are clearly excluded by the results of the investigation and the testimonies. The results of the investigation are sufficiently large enough to capture the judge of instruction of the head of murder”, said the prosecutor of Besançon, Tuesday, 3 January, during a press conference.

the last supper, “a great cry” and “traces of reddish”

Narumi Kurosaki arrived in France at the end of the month of August 2016 for the study French at the university of Besançon. Since the start of the school, she took French courses at the Center for applied linguistics (CLA), in order to integrate the faculty of letters. The student stayed in a university residence on campus. the “She was seen alive for the last time on December 4, between 22 hours and 23 hours”, said the magistrate.

Le Parisien tells the ultimate evening of the young woman. This Sunday evening, Narumi, who went to his session of zumba in the afternoon, says The Is a republican, has dinner with her ex-boyfriend in a restaurant in Ornans, to thirty kilometers from Besançon. Witnesses and employees of the restaurant have since recognized. At the end of the dinner, the two young people return to campus with their car rental.

“Many students staying on the same floor heard a loud cry during the night from 4 to 5 December. From this moment, no trace of Narumi has not been found, said the prosecutor. in traces Of red were found on the front porch [of the dorm]. Samples are being analyzed to tell if it is blood and if there is a link with the girl.”

A search notice posted at the entrance of a building on the university campus of Besançon (Doubs), after the demise of Narumi Kurosaki, a japanese girl student.
A search notice posted at the entrance to a building on the university campus of Besançon (Doubs), after the disappearance of Narumi Kurosaki, a japanese girl student. (MAXPPP)

A false track in a bar-tabac de Verdun

The 28 December, the survey is re-launched. The boss of a bar-tobacco-PMU of Verdun, more than 300 kilometres to the north of Besançon, ” says The Is a republican to have seen Narumi living, December 19. Fifteen days after his disappearance. the “I’m formal, I recognized the next day in the photo on the notice of research published in the journal”, provides the boss of the Miribel AFP.

The young woman who presented herself that day in the school “was crying a lot, she was very wrong”, ” he says. She paid his bill, 12 euros, with a credit card. Items that the patron of the bar and at the disposal of justice, he said.

An employee of the bar-tobacco ensures that, on that day, a young woman who matches the description of the young Japanese has spent more than two hours, crying, in the establishment.

But the next day, on 29 December, the track is discarded. the “The judicial police has identified the young girl seen at Verdun. This is not Narumi”, tranche a police source cited by AFP.

The bar at The Miribel in Verdun (Meuse) in September 2016 on Google Street View.
bar Miribel in Verdun (Meuse) in September 2016 on Google Street View. (GOOGLE STREET VIEW)

An ex-boyfriend to the “personality disturbing”

according To the description of the prosecutor, Narumi Kurosaki was “a young girl full of life and happy of his relationship with his friend”. The survey, conducted by two judges of instruction, is especially interested in the “personality-invasive and disturbing to the ex-boyfriend of chile [the woman was] known in Japan, explained the magistrate. The investigation determined that it was in France and now in Besançon at the time of the disappearance.”

the link between The two young adults back “without doubt their common passage at the university of Tsukuba, near Tokyo, between 2014 and 2015,”, written in Le Parisien. But their relationship “finished with a break”, has assured the prosecutor. according To the newspaper, the young man, aged also in their twenties, student of marketing and lover of travel, came to visit his ex-girlfriend on the campus of Besançon, at the beginning of the month of December.

“Narumi hadn’t said that he would come to Besançon. I think the last time we met, she herself did not know that he would come” says The Is a republican , another student from the university of Tsukuba, arrived in September in Besançon.

according To Le Parisien, the young Chilean “would be returned hurriedly to his country a few days after” the disappearance of his ex-girlfriend. The daily also believes that“it would have happened by Geneva, and then in Madrid” and that it would caution the “cleaned up his computer with a specialized software”. He is now wanted by Interpol.

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