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At Montebourg, “it is hard to see Hamon chairman” – Release

It is installed in the end-of-row. A little on the right of the podium on which Arnaud Montebourg is about to climb in front of 2000 people for its last meeting before the first round of the primary organized by the PS and its allies. Francis 69 years old, came to make up his own mind on the ex-minister of the Economy. The computer engineer retired is not the PS. He hesitates a “between more than two”, and regrets that Montebourg and Hamon had chosen the same evening for their finish in paris. This Wednesday evening, he went to the gymnase Jean-Jaurès, in the Nineteenth arrondissement because he lives “not far away”. He will choose depending on which one will be the speech on “social” a nd “the immigrant” (to understand their home) to the nearest of his ideas.

Montebourg, Francois finds it strangely “lukewarm on the Life Republic then it is the proponent”. And “on the Made in France, I am afraid that this is not only about campaign. I don’t see the practical translation”, he continued. On the other hand, it adheres fully to its “criticism of the economic model and globalization” : “I’m not against utopia but it is an objective analysis of what is wrong”, ” he adds. For once, in an hour of a speech during which Montebourg has lost part of its votes, the candidate to reassure in all drop down its program against “the wall of the powerful” and “the work and the “payroll”. Montebourg is, by the way, paid more than once proposals Hamon : “Yes, I’d rather just pay the universal income”, a-t-i launched, very applauded.

“Montebourg will have a better chance against Valls”

Among those interviewed this Wednesday evening, many resume the arguments of the camp Montebourg to differentiate it from Benoît Hamon. First, the universal income : “How to say…” Rafikha, 34 years old and a teacher in vocational secondary school is seeking the right formula. the “It is advertising. it can’t be put in place, as it now”, the balance, the young activist of Asnières-sur-Seine (Hauts-de-Seine). And then, continues this socialist seduced by the educational proposals and the sixth Republic, its candidate has, according to it, the personality of a présidentiable, on the contrary, Benoît Hamon : “It is hard to see him president. This is not the case of Montebourg”.

“Montebourg will have a better chance against Valls. He has more stature than Hamon”, wants to believe Jules, 22 years old, student at Normale Sup-Cachan. The young boy came this evening after being registered, a few months ago, on The Project “France”, the platform launched by Montebourg at the beginning of his campaign, during his ascent of mont Beuvray. the “Rather satisfied” from the primary of 2011, it is said to be “came to hear him make a speech, because during the debates on tv, there is not much time.”. For this student, in economics, “the economic policy that it offers, keynesian, this is the one that should be carried out in a time of crisis”. the “This is a former minister of the Economy, a true connoisseur of records” is David, 28 years old, a young lawyer, already well settled-level proposals of the candidate to come this Wednesday evening with her sis ter. He also loves in the poet Made in France, its “idea of reviewing the agreements with Poland and Bulgaria, on the posted workers”. the “It can go very far, it is clear”, he adds, conquered in advance. Asked about the dynamic Hamon : “I don’t believe it. It is random. It is the system of the sondocratie… the media highlight. It’s a bit like Macron”.

Drivers VTC and old road of the Saône-et-Loire

Macron, if there is this Wednesday night who don’t like it, what are the three drivers VTC crusaders, members of a union, but refusing to give their first name. They came to the “at the invitation of Mr Montebourg” and via “Mr. Gérard Filoche”. Private primary fault signatures sponsorships, the former inspector of the work to be joined Montebourg a few days ago, and expects to have its trade union networks for the benefit of the former tenant of Bercy. the “He has been a minister prior to Macron, we have seen the difference, argues one of the drivers. in He is pro-France. Macron is pro-american”. the “We are not afraid of digital, flexibility, adds his neighbor. in But that doesn’t mean deregulation and slavery”. The first takes up the word : “I hesitate between Montebourg and Hamon. But tonight I am going to listen and I expect that it confirms me in my cho ice”. In fact, Montebourg has not forgotten, speaking twice of Uber and denouncing the working conditions of self-employed drivers.

The competitor of Montebourg on the left wing of this primary plot, all the same, some relatives of the ex-minister. Jean-Marc and Michelle came in with about thirty others “friends” of the fief of Montebourg in the Saone-et-Loire. Them have found Hamon “very good,” during the second debate, on Sunday evening. The first, 66 years of age and income to the PS in 2002 would like to have a Montebourg most cutting edge in the final debate Thursday night : “knowing him, he has his side jokingly. Should it recover a little bit. It is himself!” Hamon? the “there are so many surprises with the polls… A disappointment, it can go in one direction or another”, relativizes-t-it. And universal income? the “do not dream. Have to be logical. The idea is good! But should be able to apply it”.

Valls : “he can’t collect”

On the other hand, that they will not support, or very little, it is Manuel Valls. the “It is disqualified, he talks like a right-wing politician. It has the same gestures, the same sets, critic, François, the computer scientist retired. the It cannot collect today after having processed the slingers irresponsible and roma exactly how Sarkozy has done”. The activists burgundy are just more forgiving : “We will vote for him, but it will not make its campaign,” says Michelle. the It is sad to say but it’s like that”. There are only Rafikha to accept party discipline : if Valls wins, she said, “it’s complicated… but I’m in a perspective of gathering. My family policy is still the PS. I will stay with”.

Jules will not make this choice. The student in economics “hesitates” already between Montebourg and Mélenchon. And if he believes in the ex-minister of the Economy, it is also because, he thinks, it is “he who has the most chances of allying with Mélenchon. In one way or another”. the “I hope an agreement Montebourg-Mélenchon before the 1st round of the presidential election”, ” he adds. Jean-Luc, 67, a physician and former inserted to the communist party should choose the candidate of France insubordinate. With his wife, Frances, of 67 years she also and retired nurse, they still came to see Montebourg they have seen the posters in Paris. the “His program I like : the protection of French products, stay in a just society. It also offers the military service. It is well,”, supports Françoise. But they will not vote for him on Sunday : “We will not be there, she said. W hat a pity…”

Lilian Alemagna


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