Thursday, January 12, 2017

Attention to the snow, Météo France announces a week-end disturbed – Franceinfo

Weather France is planning a new offensive in the cold. The fall temperatures are expected to be accompanied by falls of snow from Thursday 12 and Friday 13 January 2017 !

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© License CC by Pixabay

© CC License by Pixabay

From this Thursday, January 12, 2017, there will rain mixed with snow above 500 meters above sea level.

January 13,, rain showers in the form of giboulées snow will affect more especially the north and the east of France, as well as the whole of ranges where the snowfall will be more significant and long-lasting.

This weekend, under a sky often changing, flurries in the form of snow are expected to be on the majority of the regions. Frosts will be widespread in the morning.

This episode of winter will continue next week, with a decline even more pronounced temperatures.
In Burgundy, the thermometer will display up to -7 degrees on Tuesday 17 January and -9 degrees on Wednesday 18 January.


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