Thursday, January 12, 2017

DIRECT. Wind, snow and ice : vigilance orange in 53 departments of the northern half of France Franceinfo

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12h04 : Here are the main news headlines at noon

• Fifty-three departments of the north of France are placed in vigilance orange to strong gusts of wind, snow and ice.

justice has relaxed the Wildenstein, a wealthy family of art dealers accused of tax fraud.

Jean-Luc Mélenchon announced have 517 promises of signatures to be able to run in the presidential election.

“The hospitals are facing and are not overwhelmed”, has been assured by the minister of Health, Marisol Touraine, on France 2. The minister also considers that, in some areas, the peak is already past. To understand this epidemic, here’s a link to six of our articles.

11: 12 am : on the other hand, during the night, snow showers will occur in the interior of the departments bordering the English Channel. They will give a layer of 2 to 5 cm locally. The snowfall in the most important will occur near the belgian border : 5 to 10 cm are expected.

11.15 am : The wind will become stronger on the north-west of the country in the late afternoon with gusts around 100 km/h in the interior and 120 km/h on the coast, details of Météo France. In the evening, the wind will strengthen on the paris region, the Centre and Hauts de France. In the night, the storm will win the Champagne, Lorraine, Burgundy, Alsace and the Auvergne.

11h08 : The alert starts today at 16 hours and is expected to end tomorrow at 18 hours.

11.07 : Fifty-three departments of the north of France, placed in vigilance orange to strong gusts of wind, snow and ice.

08h18 : For the moment, there is no department in vigilance orange. But Meteo France is announcing a end of the week troubled with frost, even the sea shore and snow on a large part of the territory. The temperatures will drop and this drop will be even more pronounced next week.

08h16 : departments alert weather today ?!

08h09 : The cold is back and will settle on the Hexagon for the weekend, as shown on this card in the air.

07h38 : on The program of the day,the wind and the rain on the north-west of France. ll snow on the mountains. On the shores of the mediterranean, the sky is more clear, is hiding in the afternoon. The temperatures remain mild but, be careful, as of this evening and this night, the cold comes back. The weather in detail is to be found in our dedicated page. Here are the cards.

This morning :

This afternoon :

06h24 : When I look at the weather of the day…

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