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Cycling. At 105 years old, Robert Marchand cycled 22547 km in one hour ! – Ouest-France

Robert Marchand dashing young man of 105 years has set a new speed record on the velodrome national de Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines. It is simply outside the norm. The Ardèche has set a new hour record in his category : 22,547 miles driven !

three years ago, Robert Merchant, he was just a kid of 102 years, beat the world speed record in cycling in the category of more than 100 years. The centenary had traveled 26,927 km in an hour.

This Wednesday at 16h, on the same velodrome of Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, Robert lunged. But, he warns, it will not do better on 4 January : it will roll to establish the record in the all-new category of over 105 years. Promise kept ! The Ardèche has run 22,547 miles to the handlebars of his bike, outstanding performance.

” I could have gone faster “

” Ca va bien, “, he said after 92 laps of the track, surrounded by a cloud of journalists, saying it was surprised to be already happened. ” I thought that I still had miles to go, I could have gone faster “, has launched the centenary, barely out of breath, which had significantly picked up speed in the last laps.

” Now I wait for my opponent), “, the one who will beat his record in the all-new category of record of the time of more than 105 years, he joked. of His performance, to be approved by the international cycling Union (UCI), has yet to pass the cap tests, anti-doping, which – if the cyclist is faithful to his lifestyle – should be a formality.


Those who cross the velodrome, the not alert, the days prior to his record, are not of this opinion : ” This is a Martian “, smiled John Ridel, a youngster of 84 years, who will attempt in a year to attack the record of over 85 years. “ Need to keep your balance on the bike, be able to anticipate the bends “, it is ” phenomenal “ 105 years, he said.

The D-day, the centenary follow the laps of the track on a slight elevation, with a bike-to-measure and will be packed with sensors under his shirt yellow, and purple – the colors of The Ardèche, popular race, which organizes the event with the French cycling Federation. Robert Marchand believes the ability to browse 23 or 24 miles in one hour. “ If I was doing 30, it looks like I was doped ! “

Super irrigated

Her secret then ? It gives a few tips : ” All my life I’ve done sports “, ” a lot of fruit and vegetables “, ” not too much coffee, “, ” no cigarettes “, ” very little alcohol “.

The physiologist and university professor Veronique Billat, who for the past 100 years, in full:” His body surface area is small but it has a heart that pulsates as much blood per minute as that of one who is greater. Her body is super watered “.

A life to roam

His personality also plays : ” He has a strong determination, he did not doubt, he is not afraid to try things “.

For Gérard Mistler, president of The Ardèche department, Robert Marchand is a ” a fine example for humanity “. “ This would have been a shame that he remains incognito in his apartment in Mitry-Mory so that it gives a lot of joy of living to the people “.

The commune of the Seine-et-Marne, near the slopes of Roissy, is the point of the fall of Robert Marchand, after a life which began on 26 November 1911 in Amiens, and marked by the two world wars, the cold war and years backpacking in Venezuela and Canada. Visitors to his modest studio, the old fireman of Paris (among others) that” starts to take the bottle “ did not hesitate to show the flexibility exercises which he bends every morning. Or to make a demonstration on his training device, the same as the riders of the Tour de France. “ to Go slower ! “ launches a buddy cyclist, by raising the voice to make themselves heard.

He won by velocity

This hearing failing is one of the few evils of the centenary, with a bit of voltage (its ” one stamp “ daily) and of rheumatism in the hands, which hinder to hold the handlebars. “ But the legs it’s going well, “, ” he said, pedaling always. Tests showed that he had gained in velocity, but lost in power. “ too bad I’m just the velocity “. Without departing from his laugh, he says feel recently a form of ” decay “. He does not fear death, he says, only paralysis. In the meantime, he’s rolling.


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