Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Neuilly-sur-Marne : the police shoots and injures the man with the knife – The Parisian

Etat seat around the fireplace Emmaus Neuilly-sur-Marne on Wednesday. “You will not be able to go today,” warns a police to three retired volunteers who were preparing to join the household, as they do yet every Wednesday afternoon for years. The boulevard Louis-Armand remained long curly tens of meters, with huge cords of security and police cars.

Safety region, general inspectorate of the national police (IGPN), hierarchy of departmental… The forces of the order were numerous in the home Emmaus, on Wednesday afternoon. This is where, a few hours earlier, a crew of police opened fire on a man armed with a knife. Wounded in the throat, the victim has been transported in a state of great concern by the fire department, but he was still alive this Wednesday in the late afternoon.

The danger of the police, who have shot to defend themselves, is already the thesis preferred by the public prosecutor of Bobigny, which has opened an investigation for attempted manslaughter on a personal depositary of the public authority. This investigation is entrusted to the safety region. At the same time, and as is the case every time officials use their service weapon, the IGPN is also input, to clarify the circumstances in which police stakeholders were fired. Several bullets were fired without any official communication being made on the exact number. Two police officers reportedly used their automatic pistol Sig Sauer.

The precise chain of events is to be confirmed but according to the first elements of the investigation, it appears that the police has been called twice. For the first time as early as 9 a.m., about an altercation in the home, with a man highly alcoholic. Eventually, the police received a second call in the wake, indicating that the situation was resolved.

And at noon, new call : this time, the police response was desired within the refectory. “The man armed with a knife and threatening staff rushed to the officials who have tried to master it, report the law enforcement authorities. In a daze, he then slashed the body through the medium of his weapon before rushing a second time in the direction of the police. “It is at this time that the police have made use of their weapon,” repeatedly “, ” to protect their physical integrity “, added the authorities.

The officers were not injured but were hospitalized “in a state of shock,” adds another source. Witnesses, present at the scene, should be interviewed quickly. Despite several requests, the management of Emmaus could not be contacted Wednesday.

The injured man, whose identity has not been confirmed, would be a thirty-year-old, companion of the home in less than a year. “The tension between companions, it is common “, evidenced by the volunteers, which describe particular paths in life complicated. But in more than three years of presence on the site, once a week, they had never seen the police intervene.


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