Thursday, January 5, 2017

Sarkozy surprised in the opposite direction to the bike by the police, Le Figaro

Nicolas Sarkozy was caught on December 31 in the opposite direction by a police officer on a way of the town of Saint-Tropez (Var), during one of his famous ride the bike, as reported in Nice-Matin.

The police officer who surprised the former president did not hesitate to stop it, as he told the regional daily. “I asked him courteously to get off of his bike and continue on foot, if only for issues of security. He told me that there was no concern and it is executed”.

The policeman had raconnu Nicolas Sarkozy and has not compiled the PV. the “I had a very well recognized, because I’ve already met in civilian clothes on the port. I stopped for informational purposes with no idea of PV, as I would have done for any other cyclist. There has been no preferential treatment”.


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