Manuel Valls on the ” plateau “Emission policy”. – France2

It was the turn of Manuel Valls. The candidate the primary organized by the socialist Party, was the guest of “The political show” on France 2 on Thursday evening. Less than three weeks of the first round, the former Prime minister responded to questions by Léa Salamé and David Pujadas for more than two hours. You have not been able to watch the show ? Don’t panic, you summed up its intervention.

” I imposed the 49-3, is trying Manuel Valls

he knew that He was expected to have on the subject, the two journalists who were interviewed have not missed. The proposal of Manuel Valls to remove the use of the 49-3 (except for the texts of the budget) after you have used it six times in three years at Matignon has astonished, but the former Prime minister has assured that he has ” imposed the 49-3 “. That ? The socialist deputies ” slingers “, according to Valls, who has said he was forced to use this article of the Constitution to pass the laws Macron and El Khomri.

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no, No, Manuel Valls is not a liberal

Representative of the right wing of the PS, Manuel Valls promised to have ” never been a liberal “. The candidate has, on the contrary, the view that the left has “yielded too much” to ” the power of the market forces of the money, the liberalism “. This statement came when he was asked about his volte-face about the removal of the tax on capital, to which he was favourable during the socialist primaries of 2011, prior to now opposite.

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Manuel Valls when asked about the secularism and the veil

Asked about the veil and its about considered to be sometimes controversy by Attika Trabelsi, feminist and muslim, Manuel Valls replied : “I am deeply feminist… I don’t want to impose on the neighborhoods, the way of dressing to women, to young girls who want to be free… today there is a veil worn as a standard policy. In other countries, women who has imposed the veil are fighting to remove it. Attention to the message, including you as you pass. “

Trade sharp with Philippe Martinez SGC

The surprise guest of the show was Philip Martinez. Very quickly, the discussion became tense between the secretary-general of the CGT and Manuel Valls. “Like you, I visit as many companies,” begins the candidate. “Less than me, less than me “, the cup Philippe Martinez.

– “, of course, to each his job, “says Manuel Valls

-” For me this is not a profession “

- ” Mr. Martinez does not play with words. For me this is not a job, it is a mission and a passion “.

Another intense moment, also, at the end of the debate :

Valls is proposing the construction of 40,000 new units of social housing for young people

After a news report from France 2 following the candidate to the meeting of several persons residing in a household of young workers, Manual Valls has announced that it wants to ” build 40.000 housing for these young workers, for young workers “.

He took the opportunity to remind the establishment of the ” guarantee Visale “, a bond granted to employees precarious, and less than 30 years, while recognizing that this device had not been ” implemented sufficiently, not sufficiently known by the owners “.

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