Friday, January 6, 2017

“I was forced 49.3″ : the declaration of Manuel Valls arouses criticism and ridicule – The World

trying to put deputies slingers responsibility for its use of the 49.3 when he was prime minister, Manuel Valls sparked sharp criticism.

This is the statement that all the world holds of the passage of Manuel Valls, a candidate in the primary of the socialist Party (PS) in The “Emission policy” on France 2, Thursday, 5 January. Questioned again about his regret of having had to resort to 49.3 for the adoption of the law Macron and the law work, the ex-prime minister explained that this had been ” established “ by the deputies slingers socialists. An attempt of disempowerment clumsy, which did not fail to arouse criticism and sarcasm on the part of political leaders.

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start by Pouria Amirshahi, one of the figures of the deputies slingers, who pinned Mr. Valls on Twitter :

on the side of The competitors to socialist Manuel Valls to the primary, Arnaud Montebourg has a guest Friday morning on France 2 that the ex-prime minister to take responsibility :

” When he says, “the 49.3, this is not me”, the deprivation of nationality is that it is him ? it will say "this is not me" (…) to Change, to grow, to mature, this is the law of life. Is it done in a month, fifteen days, three weeks ? I believe that Manuel Valls, to say I also quite cordial, should take the responsibility that he has taken. “

Another competitor of Mr. Valls to the primary of the PS, Benoît Hamon, who, when asked about his comments by reporters, said :

” I believe that he has not convinced anyone (…) he has used the 49-3, this is not because the slingers have pushed, it is because he has desired from the beginning of the discussion. “

” Was a time, Manuel Valls was “, said Mr. Hamon, explaining that, overall, it had ” not found it very convincing on the substance “ at the time of issuance.

Vincent Peillon has, him, kicked into touch. Invited to comment on the statement of Manuel Valls this morning on Public Sénat and Sud Radio, the ex-minister of national education, explained that she did not want to ” comment on the benefits of each and other, ” which is then submitted that it ” was not there “ – there was then more to the government, during the use of the 49.3 by Manuel Valls. And to justify his absence :

” I’ve been lucky. I can not answer you. I also taught philosophy at Neuchatel, I was in charge of international affairs in the european Parliament, and I wrote a mystery novel. I do not make you of the language of wood. “

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Support of Vincent Peillon and close to François Hollande, the deputy of the Herault Sebastien Denaja is not private on Twitter, with a small explanation on the use of the 49.3 :

” Manuel Valls, the Richard Virenque of the policy “

right, the tone was sarcasm. The member of The Republican Gérald Darmanin, a former support of Nicolas Sarkozy in the primary from the right, rallied Friday morning on RTL a Manual Valls ” particularly incoherent in his political project. He was able, by his brutality, having the wind harvest the storm “.

And follow it up with a comparison mock up with Richard Virenque, a former bicycle racer, French, involved in a doping scandal and who has long denied is to be doped, prior to admit :

” Manuel Valls is the Richard Virenque of the policy, as indeed he did everything without the knowledge of her own free will, the 49.3 that was not him, overtime, he was sentenced to also remove “

As for Olivier Besancenot of the New anti-capitalist Party, he wished to be awarded to Manuel Valls ” the price of the humour 2017 “ :


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