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Get ready : a great cold wave will break on the France – Obs

get Ready it’s going to sting bright : as of Tuesday, January 17, to sentence the storm Egon passed, the temperatures on the of virtually all of the territory, will go below zero, according to Météo France. And it will install ! Each day will be colder than the previous at least until at least the end of the week, where we should return to the top of the bar zero.

In the meantime, take advantage of the sales for you to stock up on sweaters hot : temperatures will vary between between -5 and -10°C in the morning near the Atlantic until at least 15 degrees in the North-East. That is, between 5 and 8°C below normal.

many regions, with the exception of the coasts of the atlantic and the mediterranean, will go days without thaw, highlights Météo France, who adds that the falls snow up in the plains are expected.

“The wind from north-east will contribute further to the feeling of the cold,” warns Météo France. France Info explains that this frosty air from Siberia and northern Europe.

The latest wave of cold significant on the map of france was produced in 2012 during the first half of February. The thermometer was then lowered down to -16°c and -18°C in some places.

Danger # 1 : carbon monoxide

So it is important to take special precautions ? Yes.

the ministry of Health broadcasts from Saturday of the spots of prevention, in particular to avoid poisoning from carbon monoxide due to the use of heating devices of supplements or generator. Thus, the website of the ministry advocates :

  • Do not use prolonged heating the combustion regardless of the fuel : wood, butane, coal, gasoline, fuel oil, natural gas, oil, propane…
  • Do not heat it with devices not intended for this use such as camping stoves, grills, ovens, barbeque…;
  • Aerate all the days of his house at least for 10 minutes.
  • Do not block the ventilation grilles, even if it is cold;
  • Do not use group generators in a closed place

carbon monoxide is an invisible gas, odorless and non-irritating. Each year, thousands of people are intoxicated. According to the latest figures from the Institut de veille sanitaire, 3.500 persons were found intoxicated in the winter of 2015. Nearly a hundred people die each year. Intoxications the least severe cause headaches, nausea or dizziness, or even fainting. In its most severe forms, this poisoning can lead to hospitalization, sequelae to life, or even be fatal.

Limit outdoor activities

This kind of cold wave can cause frostbite, hypothermies, asthma attacks and chest pain, infections broncho-pulmonary.. The Ministry of health therefore recommends that people at risk (the elderly, persons suffering from certain cardiac diseases or respiratory) to limit the output to the external.

infants and babies are particularly fragile. It is necessary to avoid going out with an infant.

Even in good health, it is necessary to avoid physical exertion : the heart beats faster in times of great cold, to combat the cooling.

Good cover !

If you were still out, the Department insists, to cover the baby, especially at the level of the head, hands and feet. The stroller and the baby carrier are to be avoided. It may compress the legs and promote the engélures . It is preferable that it be worn in the arm, this allows him to move and warm up. When he sleeps, he must protect it from the wind.

For all the world, great and small : dress warmly in focusing on the multiple layers (the technique of the onion), rather than a single bulky clothing that will allow air to circulate between the component layers and a wind breaker. Of course, well protect the ends to help keep the blood at 37°C (30 % of heat loss occurs through the head). We can also protect the nose and mouth : cold air increases the cold in the body and irritates the mucous membranes.

Finally, pay attention to the consumption of alcohol (contrary to what people believe, alcohol does not warm !) and taking certain medications such as neuroleptics and psychotropic sedatives, which disrupt the body and fontt disappear the warning signs of the cold.

“national leadership”

in addition, in anticipation, the government has put in place Saturday a “national steering daily” in order to “anticipate the additional needs during this exceptional period,” said Matignon in a statement.

The First minister Bernard Cazeneuve has said that “more than 120,000 places of accommodation” had been “sustained” during the quinquennium, and that there were “already more than 10,000 additional seats, mobilized for the winter period”. He also wanted the engagement “in addition to the civil security, the police and the gendarmerie, as well as firefighters to the location and the sheltering of the persons concerned”. Matignon explained that he envisaged “a mechanism for enabling operational – measures of information, backup, and emergency appropriate and proportionate to the situation”.

For the accommodation of people without a fixed address, he stated, “these measures are aimed in priority to opening places of temporary exceptional, beyond the places of winter already open, according to the daily needs, to strengthen the staff of the services organize the first reception of lodgers (115, Samu social, SAO and SIAO)”. It also aims “more specifically (to) the intensification of the maraudes directly in contact with the people in the street, including to persuade, if necessary”

The Mayor of Paris has announced to strengthen as soon as this weekend’s offer of accommodation for the homeless with the additional opening of a hall in the Fourth arrondissement, and a gymnasium in the Fifteenth, is 85 places. “In a few days, these are the seven places municipal, for a total of 259 seats, which are added to those already opened by the State in this winter season,” recalls the municipality in a press release.

plants overheating

the manager of The electricity transport network RTE warned that he could be forced to trigger as soon as Tuesday, “part of” exceptional measures envisaged in order to meet the electricity needs of France in the face of this wave of cold.

Grand froid : la France va-t-it runs out of power ?

at noon Saturday, about 23,000 homes remained without electricity in Normandy and Picardy, after the storm which crossed the country Thursday night and Friday morning, according to the manager of the electricity distribution network Enedis.

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