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This is a story that fascinates the crowds, and the JDD understood it well. The newspaper comes out this Sunday, excerpts of the minutes of the hearing of the us star reality show, Kim Kardashian, the victim of a robbery spectacular in Paris in October 2016.

The hearing lasted an hour in the night of 2 October 3, just after the attack, which took place in a discreet residence, luxury hotel in Paris, where Kim Kardashian was coming to attend the fashion Week.

On return from a dinner after midnight, “I heard a noise at the door, as not, and I yelled to ask who was there, no one answered. I called to 02h56 my body guard (who was absent, editor’s note). I saw through the sliding door, two people getting more the gentleman of the home that was attached to”, she told.

“The two men were wearing balaclavas, one had a ski mask and had a baseball cap and a jacket with “Police” written on it. (…) He asked me with a strong French accent my ring (ring). It was on the bedside table, it’s worth $ 4 million. (…) I answer him that I don’t know, he pulls out a gun and I show him the ring. He directed the weapon towards me. He takes the ring, he has gloves. He asked me where are the jewels and the money,” said the starlet of 36 years who has remained very quiet since the attack.

“They have me attached to it and put the cables in plastic and scotch tape on the hands, and then have me taped my mouth and my legs. They have me reach in my bathroom, more precisely in my bath”, she added. The thieves had taken a ring and a casket of jewels for a total amount of nine million euros, the largest theft of jewellery committed on an individual in France for more than 20 years.

Six suspects, including the alleged head of the commando unit have been indicted and jailed Friday, bringing to ten the number of people involved in this case.

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