Friday, January 6, 2017

Jacqueline Wild feels “not guilty” – The Point

Jacqueline Savage, released from prison after having been pardoned by president François Hollande, said Friday that she felt “not guilty” of the murder of her abusive husband for which she had been sentenced to ten years in prison, and thanked the head of State. “I’m not guilty,” replied Jacqueline Wild, being interviewed on tv news of France 2, during his first intervention since its release on the 28th of December after four years behind bars. This woman of 69-year-old had been shot three times in the back of her husband, killing him, after 47 years of a common life marked by domestic violence. At trial, in October 2014 and then on appeal in December 2015, the three daughters of Jacqueline Wild had testified against their father , explaining how he was raped and beaten, as had been their mother. This release, “I always come back to not,” responded Jacqueline Wild. “I am very grateful to Mr. Holland,” which “has been very responsive and listened to my daughters”.

she stated that She had learned the news of his grace while she was in the process of drafting a new request for parole, in his cell at the prison de Réau, in Seine-and-Marne. “At that moment, the door opened, graded, said to me : You have not heard what has been announced? (…) You’re free“. “Then, I raised my arms to the sky and I said : thank you, Thank you!” she continued. Jacqueline Wild has thanked all the people who have “helped” and “supported” and who had sent him “hundreds of letters”, “people of all ages, young, granny”. It expressed its intention “to support women who have suffered violence from their spouses” and “the help” as soon as it will be “well rested”.

parole denied

The Elysée palace announced on December 28, the full grace of Jacqueline Wild, a decision that has raised criticism, particularly from the judges. François Hollande had already pardoned partially the 31 January, allowing him to apply for parole. But this request had been rejected in the first instance, and then call. The application of thanks had been relayed by a support committee, but also by several politicians.


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