Friday, January 6, 2017

Snow and ice : the 20 departments of the north by vigilance orange – The Parisian

An episode of “little freezing rain” will hit the north of the country, including the Ile-de-France, in the night and the day Saturday.

Alerte on the ice ! 20 departments of the north of the country, including those of the Ile-de-France, have been placed in vigilance orange snow and ice Friday at noon by Météo-France because of an episode of “little freezing rain starting in the night from Friday to Saturday, which could make it dangerous to travel.

The departments concerned are : the Orne, the Calvados, Eure, Eure-et-Loir, Seine-Maritime, Somme, Pas-de-Calais, the Aisne, the Oise, the Marne, the Ardennes, as well as all departments in the île de france (Paris, Hauts-de-Seine, Seine-Saint-Denis, Val-de-Marne, Seine-et-Marne, Yvelines, the Essonne and the Val-d’oise).

on Friday morning, the score of -19°C was raised to Maiche (at 825 m, in the Doubs), but also -15 to Épinal, -12 to Mourmelon (Marne), the cold, the more intense is installing even more easily on the land covered by snow. the paris region, the mercury has descended to the lowest in Seine-et-Marne, Meaux and Fontainebleau (-8°C). In Paris, he did -1,6°C. It was identified as -7°C in Bergerac (Dordogne), Albi and Agen, and -4°C in Aix-en-Provence (Bouches-du-Rhône). But according to forecasters Mééto-France, nothing rare, however, for a winter average.

The bulletin issued at 16 hours. Credits : Meteo-France

A mass of cold air is installed on the France and “after the heavy frosts of the morning, temperatures in the afternoon will be barely positive (…) to the north and on the Normandy,” said Météo-France. “A disturbance to be weakly active goes down in the night of Friday to Saturday, from the south of England. It gives low mist in the sea on the Sleeve but this rainfall turn into mist freezing in the interior in contact with the air very cold or frozen soils,” warns the organization.

“This episode dangerous first touches the North, the Pas-de-Calais and Normandy in the night of Friday to Saturday before gradually Picardy and the Ile-de-France in the morning. It can last until the evening before the thaw is sensitive and eliminates the risk of ice”, says Météo-France.

The phenomenon is expected to start at midnight and end Saturday at 18 hours.


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