Friday, January 6, 2017

Jacqueline Wild : “I am not guilty” –

Credit : Screenshot / France 2

Jacqueline Wild on the plateau of France 2, on January 6, 2017

After four years in prison, Jacqueline Wild, accused of killing her abusive husband, has finally received a pardon from the president of the Republic, François Holland, on the 28th of December last. If the decision of the head of the State has moved a large part of France, the magistrates were offended in front of his intervention in a decision of justice. Jacqueline Wild was sentenced to ten years in prison. “I’m not guilty,” she reiterated on the set of 20 Hours of France 2, Friday, 6 January.

At the time to learn his or her release, she explains that “lifted his arms to the sky”. “The graded, said to me : ‘You have not heard what they just announced ? She said to me : ‘You are free’. I always come back,” she said.

public opinion, many actors and policies that were mobilised in recent months to invite the head of State to revisit its first decision, where it was not a question of the release of the accused. Jacqueline Wild has thanked multiple times, one that she describes as”very humble man”, as well as the authors of the many letters she has received. In free woman, Jacqueline Wild is meant to “support women who have suffered violence from their spouses”. “I’m going to do my best” for them, end-t-it.

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