Thursday, January 5, 2017

Robert, 105 years old, a Merchant of eternity –

Following a good chart of the market which has enabled him to accelerate over the towers, the centenary has put the fire at the Velodrome National de Saint-Quentin. A quarter of an hour after, in his chair, he multiplies the interviews !

the Pieces chosen without doubt not by chance. In the back straight, the trumpet of the Ardèche nourishes the atmosphere, the fans sway in their shirts… yellow and purple. “Take me”, “La java bleue”, “La Madelon”, “of course”, “I fly”, that airs adults to support the incredible journey of their hero. A few meters further down, like a small insect applied, nibbling the meters, the towers and the seconds, roll the eternity passes back and forth without break, the next hanging on the next turn. Robert Marchand uses it without weaving in and out of the blue band that pistards are calling on the French riviera. At the microphone, Daniel Mangeas orchestra the record, announces the time, the medium-sized, quarter of an hour, and finally the last tour being greeted by the bell official.

“Well, it must be stopped now, right ?”

from the half-hour race, Robert Marchand, the party cautiously continues to accelerate. 38″956, 38″4, 37″9, 37″ just and then 36″897 and even 35″! Clinging to her casserole without a grimace, and modulating in just her effort on the advice of his mentors excited in the edge of the runway, he mouline without caring of many more young sent special tvs that provide live closer to the floor. In the end, 22,547 miles in the hour. Better than his announced goal the most optimistic. Robert slows down hardly and continues on its way. A loop, then two, then three. “Well, it must be stopped now, right ?” asks one of his coaches. Mangeas says he is back for a second time, the crowd (the Velodrome was filled to three quarters !) sings, cheers, the rider will now face a frightening rush to the media. The organizers had not expected such a storm of microphones and objectives.

doping Control

During his attempt to establish the first record of the time of more than 105 years, the former boxer and gymnast champion of France of the pyramid (it was between the two wars,…) has given its heart up to 130 beats. A quarter of an hour after, it was cooled back to 70 ! Phenomenal. And during the marathon of interviews, grandpa-record doesn’t seem all that experienced. He asserts that he would have been able to spice up the bill if he had seen the “label” of the last ten laps. From there, he salutes the elect before spinning the most seriously of the world to the anti-doping control. No pee, no registration…

“I would have been able to go faster !”

The riders of the Tour de France pass by interpreters at conferences. Robert Merchant also has friends who repeat the questions, one for each ear, but for the answers, it does, frankly, need to be a person.

Robert, not too tired after this new record ?

No, it’s going well. If you want me to bring my bike, I set off again for ten more laps ! I’ve never had sore legs during this time but at a arms due to rheumatism. At one point, I believe that I would not have been able to curb… But I could go faster, I was even surprised when I was told that it was finished.

You had to be very wise during the holidays to get in shape today…

I don’t party, never the holidays ! Ever. First of all because it is always religious holidays and me, I do not believe in anything, I do believe in what I see.

You repeat that you have no secret. You can still give a piece of advice to those who would like to imitate you ?

The cul-tu-re-phy-if-that ! This is the most important and no matter what the sport that you have chosen. When I was boxing, I never forgot never physical culture, it is the basis of everything and I continued. Today, men have become lazy, it is the women who are doing the most.

You are going to give us an appointment in a year or two, here at Sant-Quentin ?

You know, it takes nine months to come to the world and thirty seconds to slam then… In the meantime, I’ll wait for my opponent, the one who is going to beat my record.

What will you do to celebrate this new record ?

I believe that we need to eat on a houseboat with friends, but simple things, as in the past. There is nothing better than a good pot-au-feu !


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