10 rue Nicolas Appert (11th district) this January 5, 2017 – A. LESCURIEUX

Two years. This Thursday, from short and simple tributes, with deposits of wreaths and minutes of silence were held in Paris in memory of the victims of the attacks of 7 January 2015 against the weekly “Charlie Hebdo” and the store Hyper Hide, which had left 17 people dead.

These ceremonies – without speaking, without rain and without concert of Johnny – led by the mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo in the presence of the Interior minister Bruno Le Roux, were held in turn in the presence of the families of the victims on the different places of the attacks. Starting in the 10 rue Nicolas-Appert in the 11th arrondissement, where three members of the editorial board of ” Charlie “, Marika Bret, Eric Portheault and Riss, laid a wreath in front of the plaque in memory of the eleven people killed. Behind the safety barriers and into the adjacent streets, residents and workers in the neighborhood, remember.

“Charlie Hebdo”: Two years after the attack, a special issue on newsstands

” The armed men are in the building “

January 7, 2015. There is a lot of noise Wednesday morning inside the workshops of embroidery located at 10 rue Nicolas-Appert, and in the building next door. The activity is in full swing as all the month of January. “We had a whole collection and wedding dresses to make “, says Ethelle, 26 years old, wrapped in his coat in khaki. “With the cutting machines that were operating at full power, I wasn’t hearing anything. But suddenly, I felt an agitation, ” says Pisey, woman and 48 years old. It was around 11: 30.

“Charlie Hebdo”: The thread of events of the Wednesday, January 7, 2015

” I remember everything. Of how I was dressed, from what I’ve seen, from what I’ve heard, ” continues Ethelle. In a first time, the girl distinguished from the cree. “I thought a worker was injured on a construction site nearby,” excuse does it. Very quickly, the workshop manager ordered his employees to keep disappearing into the room. Reason : “armed men are in the building “. Pisey and Ethelle, of their neighboring buildings pass by from time to time a head by the window. The first one sees people running, faces panicked. The second still remembers this scene : “I remember the two terrorists lay the weapons on the roof of their car “. Andre, 60 years ago, in his office at the corner of the 10, to the ground floor, also observed this same scene. “They were three meters away from me. I was really afraid for my life because I quickly realized that they were not from the police.”

Attacks of January 2015: “After the hostage-taking, I wanted to stop all”

a Few seconds later, the brothers Kouachi date back to the edge of a Citroën C3 black and take flight after many exchanges of gunfire with the police. “We can’t open the window after. We stayed snuggled up to each other for up to 15 hours, ” Ethelle. And then, all of you remember the very many comings and goings in the street.

” Important to remember “

” I remember the police, which is agitated in every sense, ” says Claudette, who lives since 17 years in the district. “The firefighters, the families of the victims, the politicians, the people… it wouldn’t stop more. For several months, the images back in my mind. Fortunately, there has been a nice solidarity between the embroiderers ” presents Ethelle. So, for her, it is important to attend two years after, to this minute of silence ” to say that we do not forget and know that we were there.” Other residents are more annoyed.

” If you put the forces of law and order here, two years ago, we would not be in there “, says a man who walks his dog. The police faction sigh. On his side, Claudette remains positive. “It is important with everything that is happening in France to stand in solidarity,” she said in leaving, then that Ethelle heads, she, running towards his workshop. At 10 rue Nicolas-Appert.

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