Monday, January 2, 2017

The jihadist frenchman Nicolas Moreau sentenced to ten years in prison – The World

This offender multirécidiviste had spent nearly a year and a half in the ranks of the organization islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

The palace of justice in Paris, on January 18, 2013.

Judged to have fought a year and a half in the area iraq-syria, the jihadist frenchman Nicolas Moreau, 32, was sentenced, Monday, 2 January, to ten years in prison by the correctional court of Paris. His sentence was accompanied by a safety period of up to two thirds.

He refused to be pulled out of jail to hear this deliberation. Ten years had been required against him on 14 December, in front of the correctional court of Paris, who was considered for criminal association in relation with a terrorist enterprise.

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This offender multirécidiviste is the brother of Flavien Moreau, the first jihadist frenchman sentenced to seven years in prison back in Syria, in November 2014.

Converted in prison

Born in South Korea and adopted at 4 years of age by a French family, Nicolas Moreau has provided in the delinquency after the divorce of his adoptive parents, converting to islam in prison, where he spent five years, including flights with violence. Its trajectory is similar to that of his brother, Flavien Moreau, his younger brother of two years, also of Korean origin.

But if Bob is a few weeks in the area, iraqi-syrian, Nicolas, himself, is going to stay there for nearly a year and a half, fighting both in Syria and in Iraq. In the summer of 2014, it even opens up for three months in a restaurant in Rakka, with the ” the spoils of war “ raised.

to Say about his stay

At the hearing, Nicolas Moreau has not been sparing of details – in contrast to other jihadists. It has been reported that for seventeen months, his role was not limited to guard towers. He has participated in ” more operations “, ” he said.

hands crossed behind the back, he tells the story with aplomb, taking part in a inghimasi – an operation kamikaze, in the terminology of the organization islamic State (EI) – ” whose [it] had[t] a 10% chance of coming back alive, “.

If, in June 2015, it has finally fled the ARS, it is because of the ” violence, torture, cut off heads “, he reports to the audience.

” I became aware of the excess of Daech [acronym in Arabic of the EI]. They are brainwashing, they are torturing the prisoners. They make the misery even to the muslims. “

” I will take the weapons “

Nicolas Moreau also highlights the ” information “ that he would have provided to the French justice, that it would be worth to be threatened in the prison of Fleury-Mérogis.

his descent from the plane, Nicolas Moreau had mentioned, during a hearing, a certain Abu Suleyman that he would cross into Syria. He says today that it was Mohamed Abrini, one of the alleged perpetrators of the attacks in Brussels.

After the terrorist attacks in Paris and Saint-Denis, he had sent a letter to the judge, in which he wrote that he had met Samy Amimour, one of the three suicide bombers at the Bataclan, in Rakka.

at the bar, highlighting his willingness to get married and put it away, he did not hesitate to prevent his judges : ” If you want me to put a heavy penalty, it’s going to be harder for me to reinsert it. I will take the weapons. “ An argument which has apparently not convinced.


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