Monday, January 2, 2017

Integrated in the team of Montebourg without his knowledge, Guy Bedos eventually accept – The Figaro

INFO LE FIGARO – the candidate for the primary, which unveiled on Monday, his team, presented the comedian as the president of his support committee. After having declined the position, Guy Bedos has finally agreed, without enthusiasm.

Little quack in the campaign of Arnaud Montebourg. The applicant has summoned the press as of 9 a.m., Monday morning, to present the organization chart of the campaign. The comedian Guy Bedos appeared on the document, in the capacity of chairman of the support committee. The two men are seen in December in Algiers, the native city of the actor. “Guy Bedos has decided to undertake. It is very unifying by his sense of humour”, has praised the former minister. Except that the person concerned was not aware of such an appointment… “I don’t want to be president of the support committee. I don’t want to post, I am an artist”, he stated in Figaro. “I’m going to support it, but I want to stay independent. I will vote for him, but I don’t want to have an official role in the campaign”, he added. Contacted a little later by RTL, the comedian has finally accepted the position, without showing enthusiasm. “I agree not to interfere with Arnaud, because I like it a lot”, did it ensure.

others, present at the HQ of Montebourg on Monday morning, were, however, aware of their new duties. Like François Kalfon, who runs the campaign on the side of the mp rebellious Christian Paul, chairman of the political committee and in charge of the coordination. The chevènementistes Marie-Françoise Bechtel and Pierre Dubreuil are part of the device, such as ex-aubrystes Daniel Goldberg, Pierre-Alain Muet and Catherine Lemorton, appointed spokesperson. The former adviser of François Mitterrand and ex-secretary general of the Quai d’orsay Loïc Hennekinne supports the cell diplomatic. Mathieu Plane of the French economic Observatory (OFCE), attends him of the “Cercle des économistes”, of which Michel Aglietta. The former boss of the Paris anti-terrorist prosecutor Michel Debacq, for its part, the mission to think about solutions to stem the terrorist threat.

The candidate in the primary of the left has indicated that it would be in the last “straight line” of his campaign. It wants to accelerate while some of its competitors – Manuel Valls and Vincent Peillon, in particular – are in their “infancy”. “You have noticed that the word “Blitzkrieg” is not in my vocabulary!”, he immediately started to the place of the former prime minister. Twenty days to the first round, the defender of the “Made in France” will be devoted to a moment of”explanation”. He announced that he would return on the ground in the aftermath of each debate “to collect the reactions of the French people”. A single meeting in the calendar before the first round: on 18 January, in Paris. “It is an application of transformation. Transformation of the economic system, to make it more human, of the political system to make it less oligarchic, more democratic, of the finan cial system to put at the service of the real economy, the european system so that it is at the service of the people”, has theorized the candidate.

Displaying a face relaxed, the former minister, who claims to have “good feedback in the field”, said it would work to unite the left “from the bottom up, through ideas”. “This is not a bid management or submission to the order of the world as it goes, or an application of foresight to address the question of what we will do in 10, 15 or 20 years, it is an application operational”, he defended. How to target his opponent of the left wing Benoît Hamon, proposed a draft of universal income which Montebourg questioned the “feasibility”. However, he noted having “a lot of convergence” with the deputy of the Yvelines department, to which some people are predicting a good score. Entered in the campaign by attacking violently to François Hollande, the former minister defines himself now as a candidate, “offering” and not “opponent”. Aware of the risk that presents the division of the left, Montebourg pr oclaimed himself as “the candidate of the united left.” He thinks that the left can successfully beat François Fillon and “even depart Marine Le Pen in the second round.”


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