Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Trial Goodyear : a laid-back and seven suspended sentences – The World

former workers, five of whom are delegates of the CGT, were prosecuted for “false imprisonment and violence in a meeting” to be held for more than thirty hours two executives of the company in January 2014.

dozens of activists of the CGT are present, Wednesday 11 January, a court in Amiens to support the former employees of Goodyear.

eight former employees of Goodyear Amiens-Nord outside of the prison farm. Prosecuted for having illegally held for more than thirty hours two executives of the company in January 2014, seven of them were sentenced, Wednesday, 11 January, of the suspended prison sentence by the court of appeal of Amiens.

Both former workers have been sentenced to three months suspended and five others to ten months suspended with five years of probation. Finally one of them was totally relaxed. The secretary of the CGT Mickaël Wamen has already announced that he was going to appeal by cassation, which was confirmed by the lawyer of the ex-employees, Me Fyodor Rilov.

This is a sentence more lenient that in the first instance, where the former employees had been convicted, in January 2016, to two years in prison, with nine months to farm. About three hundred and fifty activists of the CGT had gathered in the morning, Wednesday, in front of the court to demand the release of the ex-Goodyear.

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They are accused of having participated, in January 2014 to the sequestration for more than thirty hours of two executives of Goodyear – Bernard Glesser, director of human resources, and Michel Dheilly, director of production. This last action had occurred at the time after seven years of struggle against the closure of the plant, recorded two weeks later.

Goodyear had withdrawn his complaint

The conviction of the protagonists, two years later, the prison farm had been perceived as a thunder clap in the middle of trade union and political. To the extent that the two frameworks, as well as Goodyear, had withdrawn their complaint in the framework of the agreement to end conflict signed on the 21 January 2014. But the prosecution had decided to proceed with the case.

during the hearing, in October, the former employees have all denied that it had played an active role in this sequestration. They regret, however, not having managed to stop the other employees before the situation degenerates. And, according to them, the reason for their presence at the hearing was due to one reason : their membership in the CGT. Pointing out that a few people had been prosecuted in this case.

One of the defendants, Hassan Boukri, was launched at the hearing : ” I have done nothing wrong. And then, the two executives knew everyone in the room. Why the leaders of this action are not here ? And why I’m here ? I have the label of the SGC… ”

But for the attorney-general, Mr. Tailhardat :

” The sequester has been programmed, this is not a movement that happens in one shot. From the start we know that the decision to retain such people, to sequester these people had been taken. The sequester has even been claimed before tv channels that have been called for the occasion. And if we accept the confinement, it kills the social dialogue. “


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