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Early winter sale : here are the best tools to pay even cheaper on the Internet – The Express

This Wednesday, January 11, marks the kick-off of the balances of winter 2017. On the Internet and in the shops this time of discount will last until February 21, 2017. Peculiarity of these 6 weeks of good business ? Unlike private sales, promotions and strokes of the broom held on a regular basis, it is the only time of the year during which the traders have the right to sell at a loss. A boon for the consumers, which translates into reductions monsters on the ancient collections in the fashion, home appliances, furniture, high-tech…

According to the survey Toluna realized for the magazine LSA, you will be 57% of your balances on the Internet (56,6% in the shopping malls, the 41.4% in the large food stores, etc.). The advantages of this shopping done from his living room or his office ? First able to make his sightings and compare prices quietly. But will also receive benefits not available to those who prefer the boutiques. Here’s how to access it.

Buy at best prices

patience is one of the secrets to not pay full pot(s) coveted items. But watch for price reductions can be laborious : it is necessary to record the internet addresses of the products, or integrate them to the wish lists found on various sites, and most importantly, to consult them regularly in order not to miss the boat. Fortunately, there are a handful of tools good practices to be alerted whenever the price of a product takes the downward slope.

As Idealo: from a computer or via an app for iOS and Android, it can just be a list of products to monitor by searching for their name or their reference. On the mobile application, the price evolution is displayed through a colour code : green if they were down, red if they have increased or orange if they have not moved since their addition in your selection. A graph allows to visualize the evolution of the price over one year. In practice, we can set a price that you want, and be alerted as soon as it is reached.

If you are familiar with shopping on Amazon, in the direction of the sites or (in English). They allow to trace the evolution of the prices of products marketed in the united states and receive alerts.

Compare before you buy

With the price gaps which can reach tens of euros depending on the products and retailers, compare before you commit to their shopping cart is a matter of common sense on the Internet. Obviously, the comparators are required to complete the exercise.

Among them, Shoptimate is one of the most simple to use. This button to install extension to your web browser opens instantly, when you are on a product page, the prices at other e-retailers, allowing you to determine which one offers the best.

Other addresses to try : (developed by The Good Corner), Kelkoo, Twenga or i-Comparateur. Among them, perform a search by reference to direct access to the proposals or use their engine through the categories to get a selection of products in the family that you are looking for.

Bundle discounts

Other tools to use, the aggregators of discount codes. Among them,, Cuponation (partner of The, editor’s note), or, which aggregate the offers of hundreds of retailers (Fnac, Boulanger, Galeries Lafayette, Yves Rocher, etc). They list, by retailer, all the reductions and actions trading granted.

Attention, all e-stores do not allow the accumulated balances and discounts, but when it is possible, the money savings are significant, particularly when delivery costs are removed.

Because it is not always easy to find a good discount code for the good cybertrader with the correct validity date, some of the tools are taken care of for you. As Wanteeed, an extension to install in your browser. Once your cart is full, and just before setting, Wanteeed automatically appears and tests one after the other discounts applicable to your order (shipping for free, special discounts, etc.). It only remains then to choose one and apply it to his shopping cart.

Recover money on your purchases

Your purchases can earn you ! Thanks to the cash back, that is to say, “return of money”, in French. Concretely, by way Ebuyclub, Poulpeo, Capital Koala, Cashinfo or iGraal, a percentage of the amount of your purchase (around 5% usually) is paid in the currency hard cash into your bank account.

Sometimes the same, are fixed in euros, for the big expenses (travel, equipment, home, etc), for example € 65 for the reservation of a stay of a minimum of 150 €. All of them offer an extension of web browser, which enables to detect the partner sites and notify you in real-time. During balances, the amount of the cash back is sometimes boosted, and can reach 10%.

Take advantage of the very good deals they find by the users

Paradise of shoppers”, the Internet is also, and above all, a commercial jungle where it is difficult to flush out only the very good plans that arise, especially during the sales. For not to miss any, direction This community site allows everyone to share the deals they find on the web, in all product categories (apparel, high-tech, furniture…).

These sleuths come out of the flash sales at prices ultra-low, end-of-series, the outs… And even indicate if these products are covered by a coupon, an offer of repayment deferred (ODR) or cagnottage faithfulness,… that alleviate even the note.

note : the site also enumerates the specials in the stores in hard, in particular in large-scale distribution (Carrefour, Auchan, E. Leclerc…).

Book online, save time and money

Finally, to round out your array of consumers, test new services that allow, on one side, not to buy your clothing on the Net without trying them, and on the other, to save delivery costs.

When the cybercommerçant, and if you can move up to one of the shops of the brand, opt for the Click & Collect. Like the drive for food shopping, you make your purchases online and go looking for it in the store.

The advantage ? The products can be removed sometimes in a few hours and up to 15 days after the order and most importantly, without any additional fees. Many brands have already adopted the image of Darty, Sephora, Auchan, Carrefour, Fnac, Nature & Discoveries or Baker.

Second, the solution developed by the company SoCloz in a hundred of brands of clothing (André, San Marina, Caroll, Eram, Jules, Gerard Darel, Pimkie, Naf Naf) : you book your favorite articles on the Internet and then go try them in shop. Then, two options : the items fit like a glove, you proceed to the checkout. In the contrary case, no obligation of purchase, you leave the ones you don’t want to shop, free of charge.


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