Thursday, January 5, 2017

Valls : “a Lot like me breaker of dreams, but I’ve changed” – The Point

at the start of The Issuance policy, Thursday night, Manuel Valls, that boxing three times a week, has rolled with the punches. He had expected, the journalists of France 2 David Pujadas and Léa Salamé did not disappoint. Why the old Manuel Valls wanted to delete the ISF, why the old Manuel Valls wanted to change the name of the socialist Party, why did he want to unlock the 35 hours, why impose it three times to two laws 49.3, why is considered that there are “two lefts irreconcilable” ? While today it no longer wants to touch the tax on wealth – “to remove it would be a mistake” –, he dreams of being the candidate of the PS as is – because he “loves the socialists”, he said to his di sciples when he was Prime minister, he wants to retain the current legal duration of working time, remove this tool of constitutional which allows the government to pass a text to force the Parliament, and then, above all, “pull together”.

“Sometimes, I have been able to fool me”

As during the press conference for the presentation of his project for the elections, Monday, a month to the day after his nomination for the presidential election through the primary of the Beautiful people’s Alliance, Manuel Valls appeared on the defensive, clearly annoyed by the comparison of his speeches. “A lot like me when I was a breaker of dreams, taboos. But of course I have changed, not convictions, but I grew up, I matured,” he answered without going into the detail of the proposals, with the exception of 49.3, the slingers have “imposed”, has dared to Manuel Valls.

the ISF : “How to request an effort to the French if the wealthiest do not participate ?” he summarized. And deprivation of nationality, that François Hollande has admitted in his speech of renunciation to be his only regret. “The president has had reason to regret, regret still these divisions,” also recognizes the former Prime minister, explaining that he had ‘changed’, it was primarily because of the confrontation with the terrorist attacks.

in Short, “sometimes, I have been able to deceive me,” admitted Manuel Valls, before insisting on what he “looks” : “I made changes to the left on the security, on immigration, on the economy, on the company. I participated in the adaptation of the left to the exercise of power.” In the Face of the general delegate of the CGT Philippe Martinez came to the tickle on the act work, Manual Valls has let go of wanting to embody “the left social-reformist who rejects the liberalism and at the same time wants to make progress.”

decent Income, a new ministry “and ” pause” in the enlargement of the european Union

On secularism, on the other hand, a subject on which Valls has always been adamant he has not changed one iota. “Secularism, this is not a sword, it is a shield”, has hammered the former mayor of Evry. In the Face of Attika Trabelsi, a young graduate of normal sup, feminist activist and muslim wearing the veil, which has come to defend this choice in the face of the one who believes that the veil is a “subjugation of women”, the applicant responded by reiterating his position, who had, to the prime minister, revived the debate on the wearing of the veil at the university (even if this proposal is not in its programme : “I worry about a mode which is that of a veil claimed. Today there is a veil worn as a standard policy. I am also deeply a feminist. What is is that this idea according to which the face of a woman would be immodest ?”

Among the changes proposed by Manuel Valls, one retains the “decent income” that he wants to establish, which differs, however, from the universal income proposed by Benoît Hamon. The ex-Prime minister also wants to create a “ministry of Industry, Energy and Ecology”. “A pause in the integration of other countries in the european Union”, to begin with Turkey, which “will not be able to be a part of it”.

And if he is a candidate, it is above all to “avoid a duel between the extreme right and the right”, as François Fillon, “which represents a regression, a purge for our country”. If he refuses to admit that he is a favorite, a status that had brought bad luck to Alain Juppé, the former Prime minister is leading the polls with three weeks of the first round. But for his performance in The Issuance policy, it was considered less convincing than Arnaud Montebourg and Benoît Hamon, according to a poll by Harris Interactive revealed on the board.


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