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49.3, social-reformism, and secularism… What you must remember of Manuel Valls in The “Transmit policy”, The World

The former prime minister, was the guest Thursday night on France 2, less than three weeks to the first round of the primary to the left in the view of the presidential election.

Manuel Valls was the guest of The "Emission policy", Thursday, 5 January, on France 2, in the studios of Saint-Cloud (Hauts-de-Seine).

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Asked about his political positioning, Manuel Valls arises from the outset as, ” a reformist, a social-reformist left “, how to assume its differences with Arnaud Montebourg and Benoît Hamon, who are trying to convince the left wing of the socialist Party. the ” I haven’t changed my beliefs, but I’ve matured, I’ve grown up. The big problems of 2017 are not those of 2012. Today, I want to bring and defend a republican model and a social model. It is necessary to gather. “

  • 40 000 new units

Manuel Valls has proposed to construct 40 000 new social housing units in the priority ” to young employees “. the ” we must continue to build social housing “. Asked about its proposals against the difficulty of young people, particularly the most modest and precarious housing, he recalled the establishment of the ” warranty Visale “, a bail granted to employees precarious, and less than 30 years.

At the beginning of the show, the former mayor of Evry (Essonne) has been asked about his reversals relating to article 49.3 of the Constitution, a section that allows to pass a law without the vote of the Parliament and that he claimed this last month when he was prime minister, but that he now wants to limit it to only texts budget. To justify its current willingness, Manuel Valls considered that” ithe need to modernise our institutions. I want to renew the work of the Parliament. “

  • taxes in the face of globalization

Considering that ” Europe must arm themselves to face globalization “, Mr. Valls regretted that the european Union ” does not tax enough products “. “It is necessary to increase the customs duties. France needs to exercise its leadership role in Europe, in this trade war. “

  • hirings in the public service

By the end of the program, the former prime minister added, this time in the face of Philippe Martinez, general secretary of the general Confederation of labour : ” We need a public service near strong. the It will continue to make hires in the public service. “ A sentence is supposed to reassure the trade unionist and see a difference with the speech of French prime minister François Fillon, wide winner of the primary from the right, which has plans to remove 500 000 jobs in the public service.

Manuel Valls has also been found in the course of issuing the mp (RL) of the Hauts-de-Seine, Thierry Solère, organiser of the primary from the right, a man that he considers ” friendly “, and with which he is said to be “happy” to discuss. The former prime minister estimated that” we need to move towards a disappearance of departments “.

Before add :

The project of François Fillon, it is to put more inequality. This is an important question that bears on our republican model, our social model. When one wants to jeopardize social Security, we want to bring into question one of the foundations of our society, we have two very different visions of the company. There is a need for more doctors by removing the numerus clausus.

  • denationalization

The deprivation of nationality for terrorists was, by his own admission, the main regret of the president François Hollande during his quinquennium. Manuel Valls, who ” assume “the measure, saying that ” the terrorist threat is still there “, justifies, however, this proposal, following the events of 13 November 2015, but finally abortive : ” François Hollande has had reason to regret the deprivation. But I remind you that it has been passed by a majority of mps. “ However, ” this page is today tour “, has evacuated the former prime minister.

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Arrested by Attika Trabelsi, activist, associative, which is declared ” humiliated and hurt ” by its statements on the veil – which would be, according to him, a ” the enslavement of women ” –, Manuel Valls has delivered its own definition of secularism :

secularism, this is not a sword, it is a shield, it is this that brings us together, it is necessary to cherish it, not exploit. Secularism, it is the ability to live together, and it is for this reason that I defend.

The former prime minister argued that ” France is a country with christian roots, a country where islam is the second worship, an integral part of our identity “. the ” there is now a salafist influence, he noted. I am worried about this mode [for referring to the veil]. in Attention to the messages you pass on to young women and girls. “

” what is this idea that the hair, the face of a woman would be immodest ? There is a law that was passed banning the full veil “, he recalled.

Put in difficulty during the debate with Thierry Solère, mp (RL) of the Hauts-de-Seine and organiser of the primary from the right, on the popular consultation on the construction project of the airport of Notre-Dame-des-Landes, Manuel Valls invokes the ” the sake of the authority of the State “, and adds that the Frenchhave said yes very clearly in the referendum “. This decision should apply before march, argues the former prime minister. ” The left embodies the authority of the State. “

  • international Relations

Interviewed by David Pujadas on the desirability of a ” review our relations with Russia “, Mr. Valls responded that” with the Russia, it is always necessary to speak frankly, the ratio of forces is essential with Putin “, adding :the ” It is not necessary to lift the sanctions. “

The former prime minister also referred to the war in Syria :

The emergency, it is to fight the islamic State, it is to save the civilian population, that is, to find a political solution (…) We have always said that the syrian regime will be represented [in the negotiations] but that the presence of Bashar Al-Assad will remain an obstacle.

On the european Union (EU), Manuel Valls is proposing to ” take a break “ in the european enlargement, arguing that ” Turkey cannot and will not be part of the EU “, arguing for the development of partnerships with Ankara.

Finally, according to the socialist candidate in the primary, the targeted assassinations that ” are difficult decisions that belong to the president of the Republic “, to the effect that he had ” no comments to make on these decisions.”

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