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Vincent Peillon, Vichy and secularism – The World

the candidate for the primary on the left attacked the ” creeping fascism of Ms. Le Pen “, drawing a parallel between the situation of jews under the Vichy regime and of French muslims today.

This is a statement that has not gone unnoticed. Guest Tuesday, January 3, at the evening of the “maintenance policy” on France 2, the candidate with the primary left Vincent Peillon has accused the national Front of’” use secularism against certain categories of the population “, drawing a parallel between the situation of jews under the Vichy regime and of French muslims today. Here’s what he said when journalists asked him about secularism (from 22 minutes) :

” Some want to use the secularism – it has already been done in the past – against certain categories of the population, it was forty years ago, the jews who put yellow stars. It is today a number of our muslim compatriots as it amalgam often with radical islamists. It is intolerable. “

” The creeping fascism of Mme The Pen

the question of who he was by his comments, and especially if he thought of Manuel Valls, also a candidate in the primary, Mr. Peillon has responded to David Pujadas he had ” the evil spirit “.

” The problem is not Manuel Valls in France. The problem is the creeping fascism of Mme Pen (…) which uses the words of the Republic to do the opposite. (…) It is secularism an instrument not of freedom and tolerance, but an instrument of violence against some. “

” I wanted to denounce the strategy of the far-right “

Seeing the controversy up, Mr Peillon wished to ” specify [s]has thought ” that” a contraction of phrases was able to distort, ” says he, writing Wednesday morning on his Twitter account :

” I’ve obviously not wanted to say it was the secularism which was at the origin of the anti-semitism of Vichy France. The Vichy regime not claimed not of secularism, quite the contrary. And the experiences of the jews under Vichy cannot be trivialized in any way. All of this, I know it carnally, and intellectually better than anyone else, by my personal history, my work. And by my fighting strong policies for the secularism, racism and anti-racism and anti-semitism “.

Mr. Peillon then specifies :

” I wanted to denounce the strategy of the extreme right which uses the words of the Republic to turn against the population. Today with secularism against muslims in the confonfant with the radical islamists that it is necessary to them fight.”

Contacted a bit earlier by Marianne, the entourage of the candidate had already sought to defuse the controversy, emphasizing that he had ” not want to link secularism and Vichy. What he wanted to say is that it is not necessary to use laïcité to stigmatise part of the population because of its religion “, in this case islam. As to compare the situation of the jews under Occupation to that of the muslims today, ” he has not spoken of the Holocaust, but the Vichy “.

beyond the declaration controversy, the former minister of education, has committed an error of date in saying ” it was forty years ago “, as did not fail to raise several media, as he most likely wanted to say in 1940 under the Vichy regime.

On the question of secularism, Mr Peillon recalled that he was the one who had put in place a ” teaching moral and civic “ in schools and had established the charter of secularism.

” A very serious attack “

His remarks have sparked heated comments on social networks. Among them, those of the essayist and columnist Caroline Fourest :

Through the voice of its vice-president Florian Philippot, the FN has denounced a ” very serious attack “ :

The senator of Hauts-de-Seine, Roger Karoutchi, has also denounced these remarks :

As highlighted in The Scan policy of the Figaro, and the Lab Europe 1, this is not the first time that the parallel is used by a politician. In 2015 in particular, the first secretary of the PS, Jean-Christophe Cambadélis, said : ” The FN, it’s the return of Vichy. the there is the same willingness of stigma. Under Vichy, it was the jews, now the muslims. “


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