Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Arnaud Montebourg poses as the candidate of the payroll – The Figaro

the candidate for the primary of the left has presented Wednesday his program for economic recovery, based on the investment. It provides for 24.4 billion euros of additional spending per year.

Wages, productivity, investment… No, Arnaud Montebourg did not express this Wednesday morning from Bercy but in a parisian bar connected in front of the canal Saint-Martin. In the aftermath of the presentation of the projects of its competitors Manuel Valls and Vincent Peillon, the former minister of Economy, has detailed for almost an hour its economic recovery programme, “transformation of the system”, and presented encryption. “The economy, it is the opposite of laissez-faire, when you are a patriot you don’t do it all,” said the candidate, assuming his accents protectionist. Montebourg, who harshly criticized the government’s economic policy during his departure from Bercy in August 2014, and continues today to fight austerity.

To build a “working society”, the socialist introduced a number of measures. It has again announced its willingness to lower the CSG on wages up to 1.4 Smic for a cost of eight billion euros, far yet retoquée on two occasions by the constitutional Council. While Emmanuel Macron wants to remove the much criticised social regime of independent (RSI), Montebourg wants him to reform it by making contributions to workers based on their earnings. The candidate also wants to better engage employees in the decisions by integrating them to the board of directors of the companies.

No universal income, but “income fair”

The former member of the Saône-et-Loire, as Michel Rocard before him, wants to index wages to productivity gains. He also wants to regulate the salaries of ceos of listed companies, to develop a european plan of increased wages. “I am the candidate of work, the payroll, the rent receipt,” he bragged. Montebourg wants to create a mutual public from 10 euros per month for people earning less than one minimum wage (Smic) and to further develop telework in the territory in building “telecentres”. Regarding the economy of the digital, the old minister wants to put “human” at heart. “The ubérisation created the work, do not destroy”, he conceded. When his opponent of the left wing Benoît Hamon offers a universal income – “a project far to 588 billion euros,” – he prefers to speak of “income fair”. As the mp for the Yvelines, defender of the ” made in France wants to repeal the law Work.

This program would be funded through a “tax on the super profits of the banks” supposed to bring back 5 billion euros by year but also by taking on $ 40 billion of the SIEC. Montebourg is hoping to return France to growth, “a necessity in a period of population growth”, and lower the unemployment rate significantly, “The normal state of an economy is full employment,” he said. With its investments and its plan of 24.4 billion of public spending further, his plan for thermal renovation, it provides for a growth rate of 1.9% between 2017 and 2022 and an unemployment rate of 6.1% at the end of the quinquennium, compared with 9.7% currently. While Manuel Valls wants to stay at a deficit level at 3% of GDP and Vincent Peillon of 1.5%, place the cursor at 2.5%.


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