Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Zemmour and his respect for the jihadists : the inquiry for apology of terrorism closed with no action – The Parisian

The prosecutor’s office in Paris has dismissed the inquiry for apology of terrorism against the polemicist, Eric Zemmour.

L‘inquiry for apology of terrorism against Eric Zemmour was dismissed by the prosecutor of Paris. The polemicist had declared “respect” for the jihadists, in an interview to the magazine Interview. A justice source confirmed this classification, made at the beginning of January, the prosecutor’s office considered the offence of “insufficiently characterized”.

the following declarations, published in the October issue of the monthly magazine, essayist accustomed to controversy, the public prosecutor of Paris opened an inquiry for apology of terrorism. The lawyers of Eric Zemmour, My Olivier Pardo and Laurence Dauxin, expressed in a statement of “their satisfaction” after the listing of this procedure, which was according to them “unfairly” their client. “I do not think that the jihadists are morons or madmen,” explained Eric Zemmour to the magazine, which featured the polemicist to the “A”. He continued : “And I respect people who are willing to die for what they believe in, which is what we are no longer able to”.

the Society of The journalists of RTL had condemned his declarations

The reporter who asked him if he respected “the people who run the truck on in”children, in reference to the attack of 14 July in Nice (86 dead), he replied : “When people act because they think that their dead the their ask, there is something respectable (…). It is therefore, humans are complex, so fight them, but let’s stop the despise!” The words of Eric Zemmour picked up by several media had provoked a reaction of indignation, while France has been hit since January 2015 via a series of terrorist attacks that have made 238 dead and hundreds wounded.

The Society of journalists (SDJ) to the radio RTL, Eric Zemmour is a columnist for six years, and had condemned his statements.

another lawyer for victims of terrorist attacks, Samia Maktouf, SOS Racism and the national Federation of victims of terrorist attacks and accidents collective (Fenvac) had denounced in turn for these words with the prosecutor’s office of the Republic of Paris. The ex-member of direct Action, Jean-Marc Rouillan had, him, said they found it “very brave” jihadists, which struck France in February during a radio show. He was sentenced to eight months in prison for inciting terrorism in September 2016.

VIDEO. Face-to-Face stretched between the lawyer Zemmour and victims of terrorist attacks

Leparisien.fr with AFP

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