Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Legislative in Paris : NKM “parachuted” into the riding of François Fillon ? – LCI

PLUNGER, While it had announced to want to present themselves in the Fourteenth arrondissement in the legislative, NKM could finally play it safe by succeeding French prime minister François Fillon in the 2nd district, which includes the three boroughs of the right.

to support François Fillon in Las Vegas not has not been for nothing. According to Le Parisien, it is the same on this occasion that it had achieved its purpose : Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet should be named on Tuesday to succeed Francois Fillon in the next legislative in the 2nd district of Paris which includes the Fifth, sixth and Seventh arrondissements. If the head of LR at the Council of Paris announced its desire to present themselves in the Fourteenth, in the face of the mp PS outgoing Pascal Cherki, NKM has finally considered that it would be more sensible to migrate to a district to miss .

“She absolutely wants to be mp to become a minister. Either. But it does not go to claim, after that, that she is fighting for the recapture of Paris by 2020,” says Liberation, an elected official of the right of paris.

For many mayors, the change of direction of NKM, and appears like a “catch us if you can”. “What image do we give to the policy ! NKM claimed to build, in the long term, a real anchor in the Fourteenth arrondissement, editor’s note). This is that it abandons the field. If the 11th district, on the left, it will be his fault”, said an advisor from Paris with the daily.

If François Fillon spoke formally in favour of his former opponent in the primary, the mayors of two of the three boroughs concerned, Rachida Dati (Vii) and Florence Berthout (Ve), would have anything to cringe. “If you give it to NKM, I’m going to spread everywhere in the press, you’ll see !” would have warned the first according to Le Parisien.

threats that do not seem to impress anyone at the Republicans. “To my knowledge, she did not act officially bid … And then it’s going to ! It is not going to make the same move every time ! Hold me or I’ll make a killing,” says an elected representative of Paris. “We are waiting for the decision of François Fillon. It is he that chooses and it would be normal to invest the leader of the right parisian,” says another elected official of the capital..

The decision could also fall as soon as Tuesday afternoon, as the national commission of investiture will meet today at 16.30. The case of the riding of François Fillon is expected to be decided, tells LCI is a part of the party.


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