Anne Lauvergeon, march 20, 2014. – NICOLAS MESSYASZ/SIPA

The former boss of Areva, Anne Lauvergeon defended concealing the financial difficulties of the French nuclear group to keep his place, Wednesday, in a televised interview. “I have never concealed no loss “, she said in the show exhibits that aired Wednesday night on France 3. She described as” absurd ” the idea that it would have acted to keep his seat.

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” If I had wanted to keep my place at the head of Areva, certainly would I have acted a little differently compared to some of the requests that I had made by the political power “, she assured, referring to the willingness to sell nuclear power plants to Libya’s former leader Muammar Gaddafi, or to assign the activity mines of the group to interest-qatari in particular. “I have not sought to please,” added the one who had finally been pushed out in 2011 under the presidency of Nicolas Sarkozy.

Alerted as early as 2008 on the difficulties of exploitation of the deposits

Anne Lauvergeon has been under investigation in may for “presentation and publication of accounts inaccurate” and “spreading false information” in the framework of a judicial investigation relating to the provisions recorded by Areva in 2010 and 2011 to cover the losses resulting from the redemption of Uramin in 2007 for € 1.8 billion.

the exploitation of The uranium deposits of the canadian society Namibia, South Africa and the central African republic has proven much more difficult than expected and the operation was transformed into a financial abyss. Several internal e-mails, including the Agency France Presse had knowledge, shows that it had been alerted by the division of mines as early as 2008 on the difficulties of operating sites.

Five consecutive years in the red

” It is an experience traumatic enough, ” said the former leader about the review. “The thesis according to which the requests made by the Business Unit (division) Mines were valid, that I have a big doubt because they are not supported, they are not consistent with each other in time,” said Anne Lauvergeon.

The write-downs of additional demand by his colleagues ” have ranged from 0 at the end of 2009 to $ 1.5 billion six months later “, she said. Between the losses related to Uramin, the Fukushima disaster and delays in the construction of an EPR in Finland, Areva has accused five consecutive years in the red and is now in full restructuring.

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