Thursday, October 13, 2016

Discussion primary from the right : TF1 wants to offer a “broadcast modern” to the viewers – Europe1

Before the elections of 20 and 27 November, where we will know who, among The Republicans will be the presidential candidate of 2017, the seven qualified candidates will engage in a series of three debates. Catherine Nayl, deputy director-general of the information from the TF1 group, speaks at the microphone of Europe 1 the conditions for the preparation of the first debate of the primary on the right broadcast on the channel on Thursday night.

“No special requirement of the candidates.” “Nothing has been complicated to organise this debate,” announces from the outset Catherine Nayl. “A lot of work has been done upstream with the candidates and we have met two times, the staff of each of them,” she says. This program was broadcast on Thursday night live on TF1 and presented by Gilles Birch, Elizabeth Martichoux for RTL and Alexiz Brézet of Figaro, is extremely millimétrée to meet the requirements of equality between the seven candidates : “they are all in the same boat”, confirms the director of info. “The candidates and the public will be able to see their timer in order to measure their speaking time,” adds Catherine Nayl, who adds that contrary to rumor, Nicolas Sarkozy did not require that the wooden pulpit : “They are already in the wood, every way”.

“We hope synthetic answers from the candidates.” “They are the masters of the organization of the debate”, explains Catherine Nayl. “The questions will not be open-ended questions, but accurate,” adds the director of the info that says to wait for the candidates on topics such as the economy or the security. “We hope to have synthetic answers,” she smiles.

“Offer something different”. “This show is modern, it has everything to appeal to viewers,” says Catherine Neyl. Around the debate, the TF1 group puts in place a device with a pre-show on LCI and an “after” in which Nicolas Canteloup will be part for a “debriefing”.


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