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Kim Kardashian firmly in the middle of the night in Paris : as it happened – The Obs

This is one of the biggest thefts of jewelry of recent years in France : the star of reality tv show american Kim Kardashian has been trained and tied up in the night from Sunday to Monday in his paris hotel by men disguised as police officers. These have carried away a booty estimated at between nine and ten million euros. “Obs” is the point on this, as we know.

# What happened ?

The robbery took place at 2: 30 in the morning in a discreet residence luxury hotel, the hôtel de Pourtalès, near the Madeleine, in an upscale area of the capital.

The attackers, the face concealed by a balaclava and wearing jackets on which was written “Police”, were at least five. Two of them have penetrated into the apartments of Kim Kardashian after being threatened with a handgun the night watchman to open the door. The man was found bound and gagged in the stairwell.

At least one of the assailants was armed with a rifle.

Kim Kardashian has been neither beaten nor mistreated, but the robbers have applied a pistol to the temple. According to police sources cited by the AFP, it would have been tied up and locked herself in the bathroom.

After taking their loot, the five perpetrators would have fled on a bike.

# how much is the loot ?

the amount of The loot amounts to between nine and ten million euros. In detail, the thieves took the wedding ring from the business woman to a value of four million euros and a casket of jewels for a total of five to six million. It is the largest theft of jewellery committed on an individual in France for more than 20 years.

“the Two phones have also been stolen,” according to a police source cited by AFP.

On his account Instagram to 84 million subscribers, Kim Kardashian has posted these last few days since Paris several pictures of her in sexy outfits and eccentric, beautiful jewelry prominently.

The prefecture of police of Paris has ensured that “everything” was “implemented” to “question the authors” of the steering. Theto the Brigade for the repression of banditry of the judicial police of Paris is in charge of the investigation.

(Michel Euler/AP/SIPA)

# Where did Kim Kardashian ?

“Very high” but physically “unscathed”, the us star ultramédiatisée has been heard by the Brigade for the repression of banditry on the scene of the assault, before flying off this Monday morning with his private jet to the United States.

At the time of the assault, her husband, the rapper Kanye West, was singing at the festival The Meadows is New York when it launched to the public : “Sorry, the concert is finished”. A charge of the festival has relied on a “family emergency”.

Kim Kardashian, the 35-year-old was in Paris with her mother Kris Jenner and her sisters Kendall Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian on the occasion of the week of Fashion Week. The rest of his family stayed in the hotel George V.

According to “Time Magazine”, Kim Kardashian appeared in the 2015 list of the 100 most influential people in the world.

# The hotel was it secure enough ?

Popular celebrities in search of absolute discretion, the hôtel de Pourtalès, where Kim Kardashian has been trained, has a great number of services except, perhaps, in terms of security.

“The so-called secret does not have the security of a palace,” says AFP Yves Abitbol, pattern of the concierge services very high-end in France

according To him, “employees can be counted on the fingers of one hand, the night.”

“It is so discrete that they probably have the minimum in terms of security : a guard that can call for help, but no armed police”, confirmed to the AFP Thibault de Saint-Vincent, the real estate agency of prestige Barnes.

The hotel de Pourtalès, the “No Address” more-so-secret of the stars in Paris

# How did the mayor of Paris ?

neither one, Nor two, the case was soon to be reclaimed politically. The candidate in the primary from the right, Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, also leader of the opposition in the city hall of Paris, was eager this morning to criticize her rival, Anne Hidalgo. According to her, the event demonstrates “a general emergency on security in Paris.”

“It was this kind of violent action, but it also has the problem of the security of the Asian. To the side of power and on the side of the municipality, it is not enough reactive,” she said on Europe 1. “And we think of the image of Paris.”

“It was in the loop on all the channels, what happened to him. You are aware of the counter-pub that it represents ?”

The influx of tourists in Paris has fallen from 6.4% in the first half of 2016, in particular because of the wave of deadly attacks last year. This gives an image of “very damaging to the destination France”, the judge and the Union of trades and industries de l’hotellerie (UMIH), who believes that such a turning would have been impossible in a hotel”, where “efforts have been made in terms of security.”

The mayor socialist of Paris Anne Hidaldo is is intended to be reassuring, evoking “an act very rare,” “in a private space” that “does in no case in question” the security of the capital.

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