The speech of Emmanuel Macron in Strasbourg has made it react to the right as to the left – PATRICK HERTZOG / AFP

Emmanuel Macron, who is currently still not a candidate in the presidential election, has delivered this Tuesday in Strasbourg during a meeting with his “diagnosis” of the situation in the country.

The speech of the former minister, delivered during the first meeting (there will be two other at le Mans and Montpellier) was worried, annoyed, and react to the political class, right and left.

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Macron, a “giver of lessons” for Nicolas Sarkozy. ” Can we imagine to seriously control the destinies of the country, present themselves to the suffrage of the country, whereas we have deliberately exceeded the limit of expenses allowed for his campaign “, launched Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday evening in Strasbourg, for the former president and the case Bygmalion.

” I have been in politics for 35 years, I was never once convicted. Mr. Macron made the lesson very well-it is his right (…) The donors of lessons, in general, it’s their rightful place in the figure “, replied Sarkozy on Radio Classique and Paris First.

” What did Mr. Macron ? What is the decision he has taken [in two years at the ministry of Finance] ? No. What has he done when he was the collaborator of François Hollande ? Prepare for the worst economic policy that we have ever known “, said the candidate for the primary for the Republicans, before concluding : “It corresponds to nothing at all. It excites the small world political-media that is not connected with the reality of what is happening to the French. “

Macron should ” not be the man of the division “, according to Jean-Marie Le Guen. The secretary of State has not been “reassured” by the speech of the former minister, on Tuesday in Strasbourg. It is estimated that the division could create Macron risk of “disqualify” the right to the presidential 2017

” I do not believe in the strategy which is his, to create a supply policy that has no roots, history, and collective. What I heard yesterday [Tuesday] worries me to this point of view. I found the difficulty to hold words and truly new proposals. It is a little bit off the ground, ” responded the secretary of State for Relations with Parliament, on iTELE.

” You can have a very high ambition for yourself and at the same time work in a collective manner. I do not think that individualism pushed to the end to be a solution for the time to come. It is a defect of the time. Be careful not to fall in, ” concluded Le Guen.

Jean-Michel Baylet prefers to cultivate the convergences. For his part, the minister of spatial Planning, former president of the radical Party of the left, has explained on Southern radio and Public Senate that ” the positioning of ideological Emmanuel Macron is close enough to the line of the radicals : very progressive at the societal level, reasonably liberal on the economic plan “.

” It does not mean that we have to pay attention. We are approaching the elections, the left is threatened not to be in the second round. As for me, I prefer to cultivate the convergences rather than the divergences, to gather rather than divide, ” also warned Baylet.

For Michel Sapin, Macron is ” new from old “. The minister of Economy and Finance has compared the words of Macron with those of the mp centrist Jean Lecanuet, presidential candidate in the face of general De Gaulle in 1965. The first proposals of the predecessor of Michel Sapin, are “words that we have already heard,” said the minister on Europe 1.

” I can say that I’ve heard in 2007, but with more talent and more of intuition on the part of the candidate, a socialist of the time, ” continued the minister, who was one of the supporters of Ségolène Royal during the presidential election nine years ago.

” I remember, I was small, Mr. Lecanuet said the same thing in 1965. It was the same thing, it was the same words “, he added, felt it necessary not to stick to the ” slogans “. “Obviously, he can’t win. However it can lose. It can make losing the left “, he said.

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