Sunday, October 9, 2016

Nantes: in police custody, they admitted to have strangled and cast a man in the Loire valley – Le Parisien

Pseveral suspects in custody in the framework of the investigation on the disappearance ten days ago in Nantes, Romain Barré, 38 years old, have confessed to having strangled to death, before throwing his body into the Loire, it was learnt on Saturday with the prosecutor.
Mr. Barré, real estate agent at Nantes, “would have been killed on the night of her disappearance,” in the night from 27 to 28 September, “and his body would have been thrown into the Loire,” said Pierre Sennès, the chief prosecutor of the Republic of Nantes.
“It is the version chosen, which is a result of the hearings” of five people, four men and one woman, in custody since Friday in the framework of the survey conducted by the judicial police of Nantes, said the prosecutor.
The guards in sight of these five persons have been extended on Saturday and their auditions will go on till Sunday, before their referral to the public prosecutor of Nantes to “clarify the role of each person”, all being “not involved to the same degree,” said Mr. Sennès.
Romain Barré syndrome had been seen for the last time on 28 September to 01: 00 as he was leaving a restaurant in the centre of Nantes. He would have dozed off at the wheel and had been killed by strangulation during a robbery attempt of his vehicle, according to the magistrate.
The body of the victim had not been found Saturday night, he said. His vehicle had been found Sunday, three days after the report of his disappearance by his companion, Bouguenais, a neighbouring municipality to the south of Nantes.



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