Monday, October 10, 2016

Omar me to kill : the genetic testing to reopen the case Raddad, Le Figaro

VIDEO – According to the prosecutor of Nice Monday, the samples found recently match the DNA of four men, but not to the gardener moroccan. Convicted for the murder of her boss in 1991, Raddad has always denied the facts.

The case Raddad revived? Dna recently found on three seals do not correspond to those of the gardener moroccan, who was sentenced in 1991 for the murder of her employer, Ghislaine Marchal, said on Monday the prosecutor of Nice, Jean-Michel Priest. The DNA record does not “match” not with that of potential suspects identified by the lawyers of Raddad, added the prosecutor. These traces, found on the two doors and chevron, indicate the presence of the DNA of four different men, mixed with that of Ghislaine Marchal. “It is possible that an imprint during a manipulation at a later date, could be added to that of Mrs Marchal,” said the prosecutor.

fingerprints have not yet been compared to other people of the entourage of the victim. The comparison has not been made with the national file of dna (FNAEG), listing all of the authors of crimes and offences in France. “We’ll go to the end of the possible” in this procedure, has assured Jean-Michel Priest. Impossible finally to determine the date of the filing of these charges, kept under seal since 1991.

In 2014, the lawyer of Omar Raddad, Sylvie Noachovitch, had obtained from the prosecutor of Nice that are ordered new levies near the scene of the crime. It relied on the act of June 20, 2014 to relax the criteria to obtain the revision of a trial. In November 2015, four fingerprints corresponding to four men had been found on the seals. Two were perfectly usable and the other two partially. “If the DNA is not in the Fnaeg, I would ask that it be compared with that of those close to the victim”, stated Sylvie Noachovitch in Figaro.

Ghislaine Marchal, a widow of a automotive supplier, was murdered in his villa in Mougins (Alpes-Maritimes), la Chamade, in June 1991. Killed by several blows of the knife, inscriptions have been found near the scene of the crime ‘Omar me to kill” and “Omar I a t”. The investigators were quickly directed to Omar Raddad, her gardener. He has always proclaimed his innocence in this case but was sentenced to eighteen years imprisonment. In 1996, he was partially pardoned by president Jacques Chirac, who has reduced his sentence. Two years later, he was released on parole after perfect behavior behind bars.

The case Raddad has been popularized by the movie Omar me to kill, in 2011, directed by Roschdy Zem. The scenario is based on the books of Omar Raddad, Why me?, and Jean-Marie Rouart, Omar: the construction of a guilty. This film supports the thesis of the innocence of the Moroccan. At 53 years, he now lives in Morocco with his sick mother. “He was never able to work again. It suffers a heavy depression and can’t stand having been” convicted”, explained to the Figaro her lawyer. November 2015.


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